DESCRIPTION: This lisitng is for a Ruby Zoisite Tymbled Stone. Top Quality 100% natural from Tanzania.

Please note this listing is for Ruby Zoisite, if you are lookiong for Ruby Fuchsite click here.


Ruby in Fuchsite and Ruby in Zoisite can be quite challenging to differentiate if you don't know what to look for, or are knowledgeable on Crystals, especially if the Ruby in Fuchsite is a darker green color. Here I'm offering you a quick short explanation so you can better understand and learn how to identify each one.

In simple words:

Ruby in Fuchsite Ruby Fuchsite is the combination of two stones, Ruby and Fuchsite. This stone is found in southern India. This stonme, Ruby in Fuchsite often has blue Kyanite, which can usually be found around the Ruby. Ruby in Fuchsite has a much lighter green color, while Zoisite is a much darker green color.

Ruby in Zoisite: Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite. Ruby zoisite is a naturally occurring combination of red ruby and green and black zoisite. The green in this stone tend to be a much darker green and can have black spots on the stone as well. There is fake Ruby in Zoisite being sold, especially in bead form. One way to tell if your Ruby is real is to check it with a blacklight. Rubies will glow under a black light or UV light.



MOH’s Hardness
Ruby in Fuchsite: 2.5-3 (You can scratch it with a needle or sharp object such as a knife.)
Ruby in Zoisite: 6.5-7 (Much harder mineral)


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Ruby Zoisite Stone

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