A Crystal Healing Pouch created with unique crystals and stones, that working in combination will help you heal, restore, repair and communicate better in your relationships. Release stress, uplifting energy. Encourages self-love, confidence, a strong sense of "Divine Love". Creating the right vibration into the Universe that will help you heal and better your relationships, including the most important one, with yourself!

SIZE: This Indian Pouch measures about 2 x 3 inches

POUCH: Thin soft suede pouch with dream-catcher attached has a long cord so it can be worn as a necklace. The dream catcher has natural feathers and beads attached for added beauty.


CONTAINS: Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Amazonite.

MOOKAITE BRACELET: To create this crystal healing pouch, I choose a Mookaite bracelet to go with it. Because when we are experiencing relationship issues or problems, with others, or within the self; that can bring in us a lot of stress, anxiety, emotional unbalance. As a consequence, not only our emotional/metal selves can be affected but our physical health as well. Stress is the worst enemy to ourselves, it can make us feel depressed, lower our immune system and affect our overall health. Stress can shorten our life span as well and make us age sooner, and look and feel unhealthy and without vital life energy. And for that reason, Mookaite is the perfect Crystal to choose to make this fantastic crystal healing pouch.

These Mookaite Bracelets are beyond gorgeous and powerful! Also note they are not like the chip bracelets I have in my store on the other listing. these are whole tumbled stones, they are larger, colorful and beyond beautiful. they measure aprox 8" please see photo below to see how the one I personally use, looks in my wrist for display purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note the pouches on the picture are for display purposes only. If you have any favorite colors you prefer please make sure to send me a note with your order so I can choose the perfect color pouch for you!


Self Love Relationsip Aid Crystal Pouch

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