Dear customers, due to the lack of genuine Shungite jewelry on the market, and the many requests I received from you all, I decided to create my owm exclusive Shungite jewelry collection, for you. All my Shungite jewelry is made using only top quality 100% Genuine Shungite Beads from Russia. Do you have Shungite jewelry and do you know if it's real or not? Make sure to check the video at the bottom of the page, to learn how to easily test your Shungite to see if it's real or not.


Shungite Bracelet EMF Protection Design #3


DESCRIPTION: For this design I selected Shungite beads, Turquoise Beads, Black Tourmaline beads and Lapis Lazuli. Combining some of my favorite crystals to combat the negative effects of EMF's, and electromagnetic smog. These crystals are overall excellent protection crystals.


UPDATE: Please note that this bracelet have two different designs, one for women and one for men to better fit their wrist's sizes. As you can see the bracelet for women (see pic) does not have the two Shungite 8mm beads at the end. The men's bracelet have them (as the picture shows) to make the bracelet larger to better fit men's wrists. This is the reason why the image that says women is different from the bracelet on it's own.


CRYSTALS AND STONES: 100% Natural and Genuine Crystals and Stones. To learn more about the specific Crystals and Stones used to make this bracelet, please check the Crystal Guide to read about them individually.


METAL AND BAIL: I always prefer to work with 925 Sterling Silver but I also love and use 304 Stainless Steel for it's durability and resistance to tarnish. Making your jewelry pieces not just beautiful but also long lasting! This design have sterling silver spacers and a 925 sterling silver lobster clasp with extension cord chain.


BRACELET SIZE: This bracelet have an extension chain giving plenty of room to fit any wrist size. IF you have small wrists please add me a note giving me the approximate circumference of your wrist, so I can make sure to fit your smaller wrist. I mention this because some customers with smaller wrist had made me aware that the bracelet was quite large for them, so i have to make it again smaller. I'm trying to avoid this in advance, so if you know your wrist size let me know and I will create the perfect size for you, please note that this means that maybe a couple of beads will be missing to fit the smaller size bracelet.


BEAD SIZE: To make this bracelet I used Shungite beads 6mm. The Black Tourmaline beads are 8mm, the Lapis lazuli center stone is a little over 1/2 inch, and the Turquoise beads are 4mm.


IMAGES: Please note that the picture shows several pendants for display purposes only and for you rto get a better idea of the sizes.


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: if you are new to Shungite and are not well versed on the types of Shungite or the way they look, please read this before purchasing. I have to write this because there is clearly some confusion among people who is not very knowledgeable about Shungite, so this educational information is for you. Please know that there are three (3) types of Shungite, you can read more about the three types of Shungite here.

MOST Shungite Jewelry is made using the Type II Black Shungite, but the stones can have and disply traces of Elite Noble Shungite (also knows as Silver Shungite) within the stone and it may also have some Pyrite (another metalic looking mineral) that can be found along Shungite stones. Therefore some Shungite beads may have what it looks like "silvery/metallic" lines or spots, this is NORMAL and the way real genuine Shungite looks. I'm adding a couple of images to better display what I'm explaining here, because I had some customers that are new to Shungite contacting me thinking, that the beads are painted because of the "metallic" spots or lines that can be found on some beads. This is NOT paint but the way real Shungite looks and those stripes are traces of Elite Noble Shungite or Pyrite in them.


Also please make sure to check the video I have created on how to test for real Shungite (regardless of where you buy it from) so you can test your Shungite and make sure is real. Hope this information be of help to you and clarify any confusion among those not familiar with Shungite;-)


WHY SHUNGITE FOR JEWELRY IS GOOD: Wearing Shungite jewelry is the easier and best way to protect yourself from the damaging Electromagnetic Radiation from electronics. If you are a person like myself that expends a lot of time on the computer or phone, your exposure to EMR is higher. Adding to this TV's, microwaves, refrigerators, and else, our exposure increases on a daily basics.


I always have Shungite Pyramids and stones all over my home and office, especially next to computers, TV's and in the kitchen. Since I use a lot the computer and phone (for business) I wear daily a shungite bracelet and ring. My phone and computers also have shungite plates for extra protection. 


Please read more in detail HERE why Shungite is such an incredible mineral and can greatly protect us from EMR.






The more demand for shungite the more fake shungite you find on the market, this is why I created this video to educate people and show them how to test for shungite. Please watch it HERE

Shungite Bracelet EMF Protection 925 Silver Design #4

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    Not only did Ana insure that this would fit my wrist, but the product is simply beautiful as well as functional, providing an extra measure of protection. You'll love it!!

    - Posted by Brian