Dear customers, I'm very happy to be able to bring these incredible beautiful gem quality Sunstone crystals. They have incredible visible sparkling colors, that can flash with natural light and direct sunlight. As you can see I took many images in my garden trying to take a glance of the sparkling beautiful vivid colors. A couple of images were taken with a macrolense a real closeup to see the amazing colors within the crystal.


Sunstone is one of my favorite crystals to light your mood, bring joy into your life and make you feel good all around. This is definitely a happy crystal that exudes a happy vibrant joyful energy. Please click on the metaphysical tab to learn more about Sunstone.

You can find regular sunstone tumbled on the store as well at a lower cost. These are AAA quality and such the price reflect that.


Please note the price is for one (1) Sunstone Tumbled crystal.

Please let me pick one for you.

Sunstone Tumbled AAA Quality

SKU: sunstone-AAA