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DESCRIPTION: Here you have a Beautiful ring created using a gorgeous translucent 100% Natural and genuine Rough Tanzanite Crystal From Tanzania, South Africa. This particular Crystal is so incredibly special because it is a very rare ocuring combination of Blue and Green Tanzanite. To better see this check the images I took next to the bright studio light. Tanzanite is a rare and very expensive Crystal with powerful metaphysical properties.

Size: 5.5 set in authentic 925 sterling s

IMAGES: Tanzanite is a Crystal that can greatly change in color depending of it's quality and light passing through the Stone. I took some images of the ring inside my photo studio as well as my garden to better display not only it's beauty, but to give you a more realistic idea of how it looks under different lights.

Please don't hesitate in contacting me if you have questions;-)

Tanzanite Ring Genuine Size 5.5

SKU: tanzanite-ring
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