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SOLD OUT Green Tara Goddess Crystal Altar

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Product Description


Beautiful new crystal altar to bring the healing and powerful energy of the Goddess Green Tara, into your sacred space. Created using a beautiful white porcelain long plate-center piece. At the center you will find a turquoise color green Tara Goddess statue figurine, surrounded by lots of crystals. On On her right side, an incredible large size piece of rough Lapis lazuli completely natural and the best quality Lapis lazuli, hence it's incredible deep bright blue color. On her left side, an stunning large rough Emerald on it's matrix with many big and very visible Emeralds on it. On the porcelain plate you will also find on each corner, a rough Rose Quartz crystal (4 of them) and lots of other crystals such as, Fluorite, Jade, Rose Quartz, Ammonite, Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Dalmatian Jasper, Mookaite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Sunstone and carnelian.

In this crystal altar you will also find a gorgeous Amethyst baby cathedral, deep purple color from Uruguay. Top quality Amethyst! and a large self standing rough Rose Quartz crystal Point. At the center a long live Bamboo plant shaped into a heart. it comes with a clear plastic pot to place it, filled with amethyst crystals.

MATERIAL AND SIZE: The Green Tara Goddess is made out of resin and measuring approximately 6 tall by 4 wide. The white porcelain place is about 12 x 5 inches. The Amethyst baby cathedral is about 6 inches tall by 3.5 wide. The Rose Quartz Rough Point is 4 inches tall by 2 wide. The bamboo plant, is two of them tied up into a heart shaped form, is about 10-12 inches tall.

Beautiful to use in your altar, sacred space or simply to beautify any place you choose to place it in your home. For a beautiful peaceful home decor. 

IMAGES: All images taken with my iPhone, much beautiful in person. 



The goddess Tara a female Buddha, is the Bodhisattva of compassion. She is the center Bhakta figure in Buddhism. She is the deity aspect of a woman who made the Bodhisattva pledge; to remain on the earthly plane and help liberate all sentient beings from the karmic cycle of life, death, and rebirth so that humanity can move to the next level of evolution. In particular She represents compassion in action, since She's in the process of stepping from Her lotus throne  in order to help those who call upon Her. The word 'Tara' is derived from the root 'tri' (to cross), implying that She is 'the one who enables living beings to cross samsara, the Ocean of Existence and Suffering'. Her compassion for living beings, Her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be even stronger than a mother's love for Her children. To many who worship Tara She is not only a Buddhist goddess, but also a manifestation of the Divine mother, such as Mother Mary in Christianity or the great goddess Shakti in Hinduism. Her attributes as protector and savioress are similar to those of the Hindu goddess Durga. His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, prays to Green Tara every day because it is believed that when Her compassionate qualities begin to manifest in all of us as individuals, there will at last be peace on earth. Green Tara is swift to respond to those who sincerely call upon Her for help. She is a very necessary deity in this Kali Yuga, 'age of spiritual darkness'. Tara is embodied in all women who help their fellow beings. She may answer your plea by coming to you disguised as your friend, or your mother, or someone else close to you.

As green is the universal color of healing, regeneration, and growth - think of nature - the Green Tara embodies the healing energy of release from fear and ignorance. Human ignorance comes in many forms - from jealousy to pride - and it is the healing energy of Green Tara that brings awareness and relief from these negative aspects. Green is also the color of vibrant energy and activity, which explains one of the aspects associated with Green Tara as the goddess of action. She is often depicted with her right leg extended forward, which symbolizes the action aspect - ready to spring/move forward at any moment.

Another aspect of green color is the freshness and newness of energy, which reflects Green Tara's youthfulness and playfulness. However, the main feature of all Taras - no matter which color expresses their specific energy - is Tara's pledge to being in female form. expresses their specific energy - is Tara's pledge to being in female form.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama mentioned this about Tara: "There is a true feminist movement in Buddhism that relates to the goddess Tara … she vowed, "I have developed bodhicitta as a woman. For all my lifetimes along the path I vow to be born as a woman, and in my final lifetime when I attain Buddhahood, then, too, I will be a woman."


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