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SOLD OUT Mystic Garden Crystal Altar

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Product Description

Magic is all around us, if only we will open our eyes AND hearts to see. I believe in magic and I'm using the term magic very literally because people normally associate the word "magic" with something that is not real or extraordinarily difficult to see or find. I personally have experienced for this, not to be true. Magic or extraordinary things are all around and available to us. For example, think about how incredibly "magical" a beautiful sunset is, or a tropical scenery playing in front of our eyes. Nature posses that "magic" and it is pure medicine  for our mind, body, and specially our soul. It has this natural ability to make us feel at peace. It brings joy and happiness into our lives, even for that one moment.

I love nature with all my heart. Nothing makes me feel better, than to be in nature and in contact with all the elemental beings that exist within it. I believe in elemental beings that lives in nature, as much as I believe in angels and ascended masters, and other cosmic spirit beings. I know they do exist because I have seen them. 

The elemental beings in nature are the guardians of the plants, flowers, trees, rivers, lagoons, stones, small animals and everything in between. When we are in nature, observing and taking all that beauty in, surrounded by elemental beings, we feel happy and at peace. It reminds us of all things beautiful, and shows us a world we want to live in. This is why I love to create nature inspired crystal altars. Because I love to be surrounded by al the things I love, and makes me happy. Especially when I’m in my home which is my  sacred space.

I Love using and working with crystals because I know the feeling and the incredible healing and positive effects, of been surrounded by crystals, and their energy. I also love to bring into my home a little bit of nature, in the form of creating little crystal gardens or big nature inspired crystal altars, to keeps me connected with nature and all it’s beauty. I love to incorporate figures of deities such as the Goddess and Buddha and Elemental Beings such as fairies.

Below you will find the detailed description of this particular nature inspired crystal altar, this one is for my fairies lovers, specially. 





DESCRIPTION: This beautiful mystical crystal altar has been created using a green moss mat measuring 10 x 10 inches. Here you will find a gemstone tree of life, created using serpentine stones and clear quartz as the base. Right next to it you have the Goddess Cerridwen which is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, holding a quartz crystal in her cauldron. There is a Rose Quart Point generator and an another gemstone tree, made with carnelian crystals set in an Amethyst cluster.

Right next to it there is a beautiful Fairy, seating on her agate crystal created table. As a stand I used a rough Rose Quartz, and created the table top using a beautiful blue colors agate slab. On top of it you will find a rough quartz crystal (used a her cup) a rough blue neon apatite crystal, as a blueberry muffin? add some imagination to it;-) and a beautiful preserved and dried lilac flower. Right next to her you will find a rough Madagascar Candle Quartz Crystal, serving as her tower where she lives. In front of her there is a pond filled with crystals such as a large Apophyllite crystal with a genuine Dioptase crystal on top! There is also a rough pyrite cluster and four petite pink agate slabs. You will also find an Amethyst cluster and then a path of crystals (Rose Quartz and Rough Clear Quartz) that lets to where the wise meditating Buddha is. A beautiful Rose Quartz Buddha, surrounded by agate stones and a little lilac flower tree. The elemental beings in this garden, they all come to seek his wisdom and listed to him. 

A beautiful magical garden that will beautify any space you choose to place it, while bringing lots of positive energy, and smiles to your face every time you look at it;-)

MATERIAL AND SIZE: The Cerridwen Goddess is made out of gypsum and measuring approximately 3.5 inches. The gemstone buddha measures 2.5 inches, the fairy about 2.5 inches as well. The Serpentine gemstone tree measures about 5 inches tall, the Amethyst tree measures about 5.5 inches. 

Beautiful to use in your altar, sacred space or simply to beautify any place you choose to place it in your home. For a beautiful peaceful home decor. 

IMAGES: All images taken with my iPhone, much beautiful in person. Once you set it up in your home, you will love it, trust me!



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