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Can You Mix Crystals and Have Them in The Same Place Together?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked all the time, is if you can have different crystal kits in your house. For example, one for protection and one for prosperity? and also, if you can mix different crystals without they interfering with each other? I just received a message asking this, so I decided to put it here on the site, so you all can read the response and benefit from it. 

It is absolutely ok to have different crystal kits at home and to mix crystals together. The real important thing, is to place them in the right place and to mix the right crystal, together. For example: 1- With the crystal house kits: let's say you want to have one for prosperity, another for protection and another with love crystals. The right way to do this will be to place the prosperity crystal kit on the prosperity corner of the house (based on feng Shui) which will be from the main entrance of your house, the far left corner. That will be the perfect place to put your kit, so it will magnify the energy of prosperity and abundance within your space. Another perfect place to put it, will be at your place of work or office. Myself for example, I have one on the prosperity corner of the house, and another next to my computer on my desk, since I work a lot with my computer.  Seating on my desk, I work on my websites, and manage many aspects of my businesses. Talking on the phone, answering emails, creating new listings for the online stores, writing articles and so on. So I have the prosperity crystals next to me, not only they inspire me to work better, but they "read and sense" the vibration of my thoughts and business goals and magnify them. Not to mention how beautiful is to look at them and have them around me;-) 2- I have protection crystal house kits as well. SUPER IMPORTANT! They are placed on a pretty table at the entrances of the house (since I have two), on a furniture where the TV and DVD are. Not only they look beautiful but they also absorb the negative emissions from the electronic devices in the house. I also have them on the upstairs office where the computer modem is, that gives wireless connection to the entire house. Very important place to have crystals that absorb the electro magnetic emissions from these devices. OH! and I have one protection grid under my bed and surrounding it! I most definitely want to feel protected from negative energies and psychic attack while I sleep!!  3- Love crystal kits? ABSOLUTELY!  and of course the best place will be in your bedroom. I have a gorgeous one next to my bed, on the nightstand. Another on my temple, also located in my bedroom. I want to be surrounded by loving positive energy by all means.  You can also place one on your living room, garden or any other place in your house where you want to have loving positive energy flowing. So as you can see, you can perfectly have different crystal kits in the house and they will work wonderfully with each other, still uniquely work for what they are intended;-) Now, when it comes to mixing crystals? This require a little bit more knowledge about crystals and which ones work better with each other. For example an analogy using food;-) You can have in your kitchen, coffee, tomato sauce, milk and spaghetti. You will mix tomato sauce with spaghetti but won't add it to your cafe late. LOL see my point? Same thing applies to crystals and stones, some work great together and magnify their energy and metaphysical properties. Others not so much. Let's say you want to sleep better and stay calm and in a meditative state. Then you will use amethyst, lepidolite, but won't use carnelian or citrine! why? because the first two will help you relax, stay calm and sleep better. Carnelian and citrine on the contrary, will give you more energy, awake your creativity, give you a shot of energy and uplift your mood and energy level. So while all the crystals described above are absolutely wonderful, it will be better to don't mix them and use them for different purposes and at different times. Crystals can most definitely be within the same space, just know the perfect location to place them. Additionally, crystals can be mixed, just know which ones works better with each other and what you are trying to accomplish when using or working with them. Hope this post be of help to you all, and it answer some of the questions you had on this subject.  As usual please feel free to contact me or post your questions on my page, OUR page!  In Love, Light and Healing  Ana Satya

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