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NEW Larimar Collection. Each piece of Jewelry is created using 100% GENUINE Larimar Stone from Dominican Republic that has been ethically mined  in small batches by hand. The Quality of the Larimar is truly spectacular, the natural colors and patterns presented on each stone are completely unique and simply Nature's work of art. Noted that because Larimar (like Moldavite and others) have become incredibly popular, the amount of synthetic Larimar in the market is truly a disgrace. But one thing you notice the most on synthetic larimar stones used for jewelry, is how dull the stones are and how the stone colors/patters are tbasically he same. In order to help you better understand and learn how to identify fake synthetic larimar, I have also decided for the large individual pendants and rings to add a video with each listing to better display the Larimar stones. Because Genuine Natural Larimar is so unique in color/pattern having one of these pendants is like having two actually, since each side is different. If you are a Larimar lover, you are going to fall in love with these;-)

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