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What is an affiliate program?

Crystal Healing For Women website affiliate program, enables members to earn revenue for referring others to our website. Every time someone you have referred to our store places an order, you will earn a commission. It is simple, fun and very rewarding!

Does it cost anything to participate?

Our affiliate program is completely free and it's designed to make YOU earn money;-)

Who can participate?
  • Businesses & Self-Entrepreneurs: Do you have a Website? Blog? Are a Social Media Enthusiast that loves to promote amazing products? If so, you can now earn commissions simply for referring our store and products. Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will find your unique affiliate link, as well as creatives & other banners that you can place on your website, blog, FB, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

  • Customers: We feel blessed that a large portion of our sales comes from the direct referrals from our loyal customers. In our old website we had a rewards program were a customer will earn points from purchases and then exchange those  points for products. With the launch of the new website I wanted to find a way to reward our customers even more and so I decided to make this affiliate program and make it available to not just businesses but customers as well. What is the difference? Well, before you could earn points and receive store credit for future purchases. Now when you place an order, you will receive commissions from your own purchases (NO points but cashback) PLUS you can still add at checkout one of our valid coupons and get a discount on your order as well. PLUS But wait there is more! ;-) You have always referred our website and products to your friends and family just for the Love of it. Now as an affiliate, every time your family or friends place an order, you will receive a commission of that sale as well.

Why is your Affiliate program different from the others?

Our program is completely different from the rest because it is designed to truly help ANYONE make money without having to spend a penny and it does also handsomely rewards customers for supporting our business.

  • Take as an example one of the most successful affiliate programs out there. Yes, I'm talking about they have an affiliate program for businesses to use it to promote amazon products and earn commissions, but it CANNOT be used by Amazon customers themselves. meaning you can sign up for their affiliate program but if you use your affiliate link to place an order via Amazon, you will not be credited for your order and won't receive any commissions.

  • Most other affiliate programs, specially those related to Crystals, Crystal Healing, and Natural Health Products, requires you to buy a minimum amount a month, or request that you do "parties at home" to sell products to other people, or are some kind of pyramid structure that is definitely designed to benefit the business for promoting it, but NOT yourself.

I think this is wrong and greedy actually. I think if you want people to promote your business and products and are willing to give them a commission for it, why they cannot use their own affiliate link to place their own orders and earn commissions for themselves as well? I want to show my appreciation to my customers for supporting my business and for promoting it, with our affiliate program you can earn commissions from the referrals you made to your friends and family, and for your very own purchases too.

Ready to become an Affiliate? Sign up below. Already an Affiliate Member? Sign into your account.

How Much Commission can you earn?
  • We offer a healthy 8% Lifetime commissions for every order placed by any of your Referrals that uses your affiliate link to place an order on our store.

What does for a "lifetime" means? Most affiliate programs have expiration tracking cookies on your affiliate links. The expiration date usually can be from 7 days to 90 days, so any time someone uses your affiliate link to p;ace an order, you will receive a commission, but after the expiration date you will NO longer receive commissions for ANY order placed using your affiliate link. Our affiliate program does NOT have any restrictions or dates meaning ANY order placed using your affiliate link one day form today or 10 years from today, you will receive your commission for the sale.

When I said that I created this affiliate program with the intention to help you make money and reward you for supporting and promoting my business, I meant it! So we say YES to lifetime commissions;-)

Additionally, our customers on one single order, now they can get up to 26% off their order. Here is the example for you: Imagine you place an order using your affiliate link and then use the coupon code crypto18 (This coupon is ONLY for payments using Cryptocurrency) on your checkout, that will give your order a 18% immediate discount while adding to your affiliate account a 8% commission for that same order, 18% + 8% = 26% money from your order total right back into your pocket. Let's say you pay using paypal instead and use the coupon for paypal, then you will get 8% commission for your affiliate commission + 10% discount for using the paypal coupon, giving you back 18% off your order. How fantastic is that?!

How do I promote the products I love & Where is my affiliate link?

For Businesses/Entrepreneurs: Once you sign up as an affiliate, you can login to your affiliate portal HERE and you will find your unique affiliate link, as well as creatives & other banners that you can place on your website, blog, FB, Instagram, Pinterest and more. But I wanted to give you also the freedom to create your very own creatives to promote our store and products. You can use apps like Canva to create beautiful eye catching creatives ads, by using any images or content from our website. You can then place them on your website, blog, social media pages, or create rich pins on Pinterest, just add your unique link to the images to redirect people to our store, or to any specific product you want to promote or recommend to others. You can use our images to create promotional images for promotion but you CANNOT alter in any way the original images from our website, and MUST make sure that the images you're using match the description of the product.

For Customers: Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you can login to your affiliate portal HERE. In your affiliate portal you will find your unique affiliate link, so you can share with family, friends and use it to place your own orders to make sure to get credited for your won commissions;-) You can also see how much in commissions have you earned and more!

Getting paid as an affiliate and when
  • All commissions are paid via Paypal, so when you register you can add your paypal email address for payments. if you want to get paid via store credit, please let me know to set up your commission structure that way, other wise, once your account reaches the minimum amount of $50 we will issue a payment via paypal.

Important warnings and rules
  • You must sign up using your real first and last name and email. Anyone signing up to our affiliate program not providing their full name will be inmediately rejected.


  • We want you to share your love for Crystals and our products with the world, but it's very important to let this very clear. ANYONE who uses our affiliate program in an unethical way, or advertise in ANY website or blog that promotes hatred, violence, abuse, fire arms and such, will be immediately expelled from our affiliate program.

  • We have the right to terminate any affiliate at any time we consider it appropriate, the affiliate will always be informed of our decision and why.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact us HERE
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