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Can your products be used by anyone?

Caring for your skin is essential at any age. However, people with mature skin have an entirely different set of considerations than our younger counterparts.  I created my Skincare products when I was over 40 years old myself, so yes my Skincare products are created using specific ingredients that can be very helpful for mature skin. Particularly focusing on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, loss of elasticity, dry, dull, saggy skin. For this reason is that I believe they can be very beneficial for younger people to use them as well, due to it's powerful anti-aging ingredients, to prevent premature aging.

What skin types are your products for?


We believe that our products can be used and be beneficial for all skin types as all ingredients are 100% Natural and Healthy for you and your skin.


Can your products create any adverse reactions?


All our products are carefully formulated using top quality 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients, just as nature intended. However some people can have sensitiveness even allergy reactions to some ingredients no matter how natural they are, such is the case of essential oils. Carefully read all the ingredients on the product's label, so you can make an informed decision.

Does your product have an expiration date and how should I store it?

Our Skincare products and Skin remedies are 100% Natural and Organic made in small batches, therefore no chemicals or preservatives are never added. As a consequence our products should be used within 6-9 months of opening the packaging. Try to keep the product away from direct sunlight and store at room temp. For longer shelve life you can keep them in the fridge, I personally keep some of my products on my fridge not only to extend the shelve-life but because of the cool feeling, that just feels wonderful to my skin. When I have tired eyes even dark circles, putting the Rescue Me Crystal Serum cold from the fridge under my eyes, feels like heaven. I also do this with my Anti-Wrinkle Crystal Eye Cream, as I create larger batches for myself and keep it in the fridge. It last me so much longer and the texture is always perfect regardless of the temperature outside. Remember our products are created using only 100% Natural ingredients free of any chemicals or preservatives, so high temperatures can affect the consistency of the product.

What do you mean by temperature can affect the consistency of the product?

Due to the natural state of our ingredients, temperature may affect the consistency and thickness of our products, specially during the hot summer months. This is the reason why when you receive your order, if the product consistency upon arrival is more liquid than solid, just place the jar in the fridge for a few hours until it solidifies again.

Are your products cruelty-free?  Vegan?

All of our products are certified cruelty-free & most are vegan, except for our Anti-Wrinkle Crystal Eye Cream that contains Bovine Colostrum and Honey  and our Rescue Me Crystal Serum that contains Desi Ghee. We also use a little of Beewax on our Shungite Pain Relief Cream but many vegans are fine with beeswax, I guess it is a matter of a personal choice;-)

What does ‘ethical, healthy, safe’ product even mean?

I pride myself on using only ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, toxin-free ingredients and formulations. Our products are formulated to. not only be effective but actually healthy for your skin, by using only 100% Natural and Organic ingredients.

What is the difference between 100% Certified organic Ingredients and Certified organic Ingredients? isn't that the same?

This is a great question because there is a difference. A product containing 100% Certified Organic ingredients means that EVERY single ingredient MUST be 100% Certified Organic. On the other hand, other products and formulas may contain mostly Certified Organic ingredients but then have may have for example an ingredient that is not such as Coenzyme Q10, or Vitamin E Oil which is very difficult to find that's Certified Organic. So if a formula contains 99.9% of Certified Organic ingredients but just one of them is not, then the formula must be labeled "Made with Certified Organic Ingredients" but cannot be labeled as 100% Certified Organic even if only one ingredient is not. True labeling is very important not only for ethical reasons but legal as well. When creating Skincare products you must abide to the guidelines given by the FDA.

How can I find more detailed information about a specific ingredient in a product?

Easy, just click here or on the Natural Ingredients tab to find the specific ingredient and learn more about it.

Are your products GMO Free?


Do you use fragrance in your products?

NO, all of our products are free from synthetic and natural fragrance. While fragrance can smell great in skincare, it can actually be the cause of irritation on your skin. We are committed to always offer the purest, most natural line of product to benefit your skin.

Why using plastic and are the plastic jars BPA-free? 

Many of our products comes in a top quality glass containers but other products comes in a plastic jar for many reasons. For example our Crystal Body Butter and Body Scrub, are products that most customers use in the bathroom, many times using them while in the shower so it will be dangerous to have the product packed in a glass container that could potentially break. Is for this reason that some products comes inside plastic jars instead but don't worry all our plastic containers are BPA free.

Are your products sold in stores?

No my products are sold exclusively online at my websites and

Do you ship internationally?


Yes absolutely we ship worldwide


Are there duties on international shipments outside the US?

International orders are shipped by USPS First Class or Priority Mail International. Customers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes upon receipt of the order. We recommend checking with your local customs office before ordering regarding any fees that may be due.

Can I place an order and request to be sent as a gift to someone else?

Yes absolutely, just make sure to add a note with your order letting us know if this is a gift and if you want the invoice to be included or not. All orders are packaged accordingly at no extra cost to you, we can even add a handwrite note on your behalf.

Have any question that you don't see an answer for? Please feel free to send us an email with any question you may have here.


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