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Confession Time

✨ Confession Time ✨

Many of you have been following me and supporting my business for many years now, and for that I’m deeply grateful to you.

Some of you have also asked me on several occasions now, why I was no longer adding regularly new Crystals like before and today I wanted to finally share with you why.

Times are hard for many right now and it's no different for me. For the past 4 years unfortunately I had let depression take the best out of me, and the past two years specially since Covid started & the astronomical inflation now, keeping my business afloat have been challenging. As a result I have been focusing on making more jewelry instead, which I love & is pure therapy for me.

In the past, I have created many businesses and entrepreneurial adventures that had allowed me to work for myself, from my home for more than two decades. And I manifested this because when I became a mother, my goal was to be there fully for my son & make sure that he would never experience the abuse & neglect I did as a child.

And I became successful at both, raising a healthy happy child, well a man now, and becoming financially independent on my own, sometimes feeling at the top making 6 figures income, while others struggled and hassled to make things happen.

Then the big 50 came, & menopause and all that trauma hidden inside for all my life exploded. I have socially retrieved & isolated myself for way too many years, while acting as if everything was ok, when it was not.

When your are down battling demons you don’t feel very inspirational and so I stopped showing up, promoting the business and became extremely inconsistent with my social media. I became “irrelevant” and I get it.

So here I’m feeling like a dinosaur 🦕 with the lingering trauma of an elephant but a sense of humor that I refuses to die no matter what, working my ass off to reinvent myself once again to manifest a new life filled with laughter, happiness, love & beautiful meaningful relationships with people.

I’m done with isolating myself and carrying this trauma that is now hurting the good things left I have in my life.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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