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Crystal Education For Those Interested In learning About Crystal Healing.

This morning I felt the need to come to the beach, to meditate and put my thoughts together. I got a message from the crystals themselves and I would like to share with you all.  The message said that there is a need for more educational post about crystals, to balance the "ohhhh look that pretty and sparkly crystal" that populates IG (instagram).

Now, don't get me wrong! I LOVE sparkly and shinny crystals, I love auras. BUT there is a saturation of them going around, people love these types of crystals so doors of opportunity opens to those knowing this. As a consequence? Two things are happening in this community. 

One, is that opportunistic people are selling fake auras and "sparkly colorful" crystals, as if they will be the real deal.

And two and most important? Is the lack of education about crystals and their true healing properties, been shared with people who truly want to learn more about crystals and use them for healing purposes, and not just have them because they "pretty objects"  So, I'm going to start a series of posts about crystals that may not be "so pretty" but are true healers, and very powerful crystals to have.  This one on the pic? Is a angel phantom quartz. Little but super powerful. My next post will tell you more about it.  Stay tune, if you would like to learn more.  Wishing you all a phenomenal Monday! 

In light, love, and crystal healing! 

- Ana Satya

This is a post I created for my page on IG please follow me there if you want ;-) @crystalhealthgoddess

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