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Dear Older Women You Are So Beautiful

I recently watched "Good Luck To You Leo Grande" and to me Emma Thomson was absolutely brilliant in this film.

Her performance is spectacular, raw, real and incredibly funny at times.

Most importantly I find her #bravery and #courage so #inspirational for not many women and specially in #Hollywood would accept a role like this one and own it like she did! 🤯

I see #strength #wisdom #beauty and a #goddess when I look at Emma Thomson bare naked, speaking on a subject that’s kind of #taboo not just in our current society, but since forever in time.

#history #religion and #culture hasn’t been very Kind, Loving, Appreciative, Honorable or Respectful towards women.

But women are so glorious, so powerful, so courageous and divine, and the times are calling for us to remember that truly.

Younger or older, with perky boobs or saggy skin it does not matter, for the sake of the #planet and #humanity itself, what we need worldwide is #womenrising right now so we can create a world that’s safer for all, where we can have true #freedom & #peace and so I believe we need more #womeninpower in order to do that, but #selflove #selfempowerment #selfhealing and #selfacceptance must come first. I’m guilty of forgetting that myself too at times.

So the message of the day is to #LoveYourself & lets empower each other for the greater good.


In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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