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Harmful Toxic Chemicals Used In SkinCare Products

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

There are many chemicals that are used in skincare products that are very harmful to your skin. Here are some of those very harmful chemicals that are used in Skincare products.

1) Fragrances

Fragrances (or cologne ) are in almost 50 percent of all cosmetic products. These combinations of aromatics, which provide beauty goods their signature scents, are usually chemical cocktails. "Fragrance" is basically a short-term for"key ingredients".

The issue with odor is that the legislation doesn't require companies to inform consumers what's really in these covert"blends". It's not possible to understand what any mix is made from.

Therefore, some fresh cosmetic business release products which are fragrance-free. Now, this does not mean that the product does not smell like anything. It merely signals that the goods keep their natural odor and aren't masked by a fragrance mix.

Best Alternative: 3,4,4 Trichlorocarbanilide (Triclocarban) is an active ingredient that finds extensive application in personal care and hygiene products manufacturing industry all over the globe