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In Jewelry Price & Quality Matters

I said what I said 🌝

Yes, it makes a big difference in price when things are real or fake.

On my New YouTube video, I expose live on camera fake Blue Topaz jewelry.

I received some from a “reputable” European company but when I receive it and held it in my hand, I immediately knew something was wrong.

On my video this #bluetopaz necklace went from gorgeous blue “Topaz” to completely clear glass. Not even dyed Clear Quartz, straight glass! 😤

Watch it, learn how to identify genuine Crystals, and beware of #fakecrystals and #fakejewelry so make sure you are buying from trusted legitimate sources.

This is a short clip from the video, you can watch the entire video below. I’m actually wearing my latest Selenite Necklace, that you can see on my last Instagram and FB post. Truly in love with my New Selenite Jewelry Collection. Hope you take a look:)

Have a blessed relaxing Sunday everyone!


In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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