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Lemurian Seed Crystals Fascinating Information About Them You Must Know.

This Crystal you see in the picture is one of my most precious and valuable crystals. I have NEVER before show this Crystal to anyone.

This Crystal was among a large batch of incredible lemurian crystals, that arrived from Minas Gerais, Brazil, long time ago. But somehow, it called me so strongly that once I held it in my hand, I simply couldn't let it go. The energy that emanates from this crystal is basically impossible to explain with words.

A Crystal many won't pick because it looks "broken" and just not too "special or pretty" but oh boy!

This is a Lemurian Cathedral Lightbrary self healed Crystal. Basically a combination of three of the most powerful crystals there are.

1- a Lemurian Crystal

2- a Cathedral LightBrary

3- a self healed crystal

Today aside from sharing this picture of my crystal with you, I feel the guidance to write and teach you about these incredible crystals.