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Lemurian Seed Crystals Fascinating Information About Them You Must Know.

This Crystal you see in the picture is one of my most precious and valuable crystals. I have NEVER before show this Crystal to anyone.

This Crystal was among a large batch of incredible lemurian crystals, that arrived from Minas Gerais, Brazil, long time ago. But somehow, it called me so strongly that once I held it in my hand, I simply couldn't let it go. The energy that emanates from this crystal is basically impossible to explain with words.

A Crystal many won't pick because it looks "broken" and just not too "special or pretty" but oh boy!

This is a Lemurian Cathedral Lightbrary self healed Crystal. Basically a combination of three of the most powerful crystals there are.

1- a Lemurian Crystal

2- a Cathedral LightBrary

3- a self healed crystal

Today aside from sharing this picture of my crystal with you, I feel the guidance to write and teach you about these incredible crystals.

The Lemurians

Lemurian Seed are a Crystal that need to be observed and examined carefully and meticulously.

Some times people think that a lemurian is easily identified by the typical horizontal lines that may appear in one side or various sides/walls of the crystal. This is true, but not completely accurate. One of the amazing things about these very unique crystals is that they hold within them, ancient information that is ready to be brought to light, in this time on earth, to a specific group of people. What makes these crystals incredibly unique is their even more unique patterns and geometric formations, that can be seen on them.

Some of these patterns and geometrical formations, looks like ancient cities, temples, dimensional areas, chambers, lightbraries. Some of these patterns may seem for some a distinction that the crystal is “damaged” to the contrary, and upon further examination it actually becomes part of the "carved information" that the crystal embodies.

Observing closely these "patterns, unique markings, and formations” may reveal more of the crystal that one may initially think. This is why it is important for these crystals to end in the right hands, with the right keeper. Understanding these crystals and knowing how to work with them is very important.

Holding them in your hand, and specially sleeping with them will be a great way to not only “connect” to the crystal but open yourself to receive information stored within the crystal. These crystals reveals much of their encoded information via dream work and visions. Holding them in your hand, placing them under the pillow, and meditating with them is highly recommended.

It's challenging to photograph the lemurians to show the detail of what I'm trying to explain, but hopefully this picture gives you a better idea, of what I mean by the distinctive "look" the Lemurian crystals have, that not necessarily are easily identify by the horizontal lines many posses. There is so much going within these crystals from the inside out!

I hope this information be of help to you. lemurian crystals are some amazing crystals and quite powerful. if you don't have one I encourage you to get one and work with it! 

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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