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Life is color. The ancients understood the importance of its power.

Life is color. It is impossible to imagine looking upon a world of white and black alone, an always grey ocean and white sky, drab trees, and bleak earth.

Impossible to imagine because color is life. The pulse of existence, the manifestation of vibration, the breath of God's movement that flung creation through the void.

Each color of the spectrum pours unseen powers into the world as vibrations which interact with our own and influence our lives. The ancients understood better than we the message of the rainbow.

They were not in ignorant awe of the hues, rather they were in harmony and collaboration with their purpose. This knowledge has been lost to us, but we are beginning to discover it.

As Edgar Cayce succinctly put it, colors are naturally the spiritualization of tone or sound. From his psychic perspective, Cayce was fully aware that the meanings of colors were not only universal, but personal as well.

From another of my favorites books on the importance of using colors and crystals for healing.

Book: Edgar Caye on the power of colors, stones and crystals.

Hope you enjoy this post!

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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