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Selenite How To Use It Crystal Healing

I love Selenite it’s without a doubt one of my favorite minerals to have around.

I love it’s beauty and vibrant white color. I absolutely love the Celestial energy that emanates from it, it does not matter if it’s in its raw form or polished. And I called celestial because that’s how it feels to me, it feels heavenly to touch it and to sense it. I have Selenite lamps around the house. I have four gigantic Selenite logs on each side of my bed’s frame, creating a Crystal Grid.

I have several Selenite fire logs and tiles, where I place my other #crystals and gemstone jewelry to cleanse and recharge.

I create my own skincare beauty products using Selenite Crystals.

I particularly love these vibrant and glowing Selenite hearts. I have one in my bed and another in my purse and car. I love to hold it in my hand and feel it’s softness and calming beautiful energy.

If you feeling darkness around you keep selenite close. Have it around your home, in your bedroom and always carry a piece with you.

When your feeling down or negative or lost, hold a piece of Selenite in your hand and close your eyes. Don’t focus on your thoughts but in the sensations you’re feeling in your hand. Notice how smooth and cool it feels to the touch. Feels it’s calming energy and redirect your thinking on filling your entire body with the same calming energy your feeling in your hand. Feel that white glowing celestial light moving from your hand throughout your entire body. Breathe do not forget to breathe deep. I can assure you that even for that moment you will feel much calmer and better. With a more quiet and peaceful mind.

Some times it is good to have energy medicine tools to remind us to step out of the prison of our own mind and just feel and breathe and be in the moment allowing ourselves to calm down and redirect our #energy into a more positive state of being.

The universal energy that creates it all created the mineral kingdom to nurture, heal, restore and balance not only Mother Earth but humans and the animal kingdom as well. Nature is Sacred and Heals my friends. In Light, Love & Crystal Healing Ana Satya

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