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The Forgotten Ones During Coronavirus Women

Today I had a moment of awareness that inspired me to make this video. My sole intention is to use my words to bring a positive message to all the women who find themselves in unhealthy relationships and specially during this time, to those who are trapped inside their homes with their abusers. It’s my hope to bring awareness to something I believe to be of crucial importance. The safety and well-being of millions of women and children.

We have the government out there telling us that we are living through a pandemic and that there is a killer virus out there. They’re making decisions that affect us all and for many the consequences can be more life and death threatening than the virus itself.

We see our “leaders” bailing out corporate America and their wealthy donors because they say, they’re suffering.

We see our “leaders” bailing our cruise lines and private jet companies, because they say, they’re suffering.

We see our “leaders” completely take control over our lives and we follow without question. But I have yet to see or hear any of our “leaders” say a word about the million of women and children forced inside their homes with their abusers and with pedophiles, as a consequence of their decisions.

Trap abusive people inside their homes, with no money or job. Without the ability to live their lives, to pay their bills, while living in despair, hungry, and how and with whom do you think they’re going to pay their frustrations?

Our “leaders” won’t tell you this. The mainstream media won’t tell you this. But if you do a little research you will discover that the rise in cases of domestic abuse have dramatically spiked worldwide as a consequence of the lock down, due to the coronavirus.

These women feels forgotten. These women are afraid and going through hell and no one is talking about that, specially our “leaders.”

So today I wanted to talk about that and it also inspired me to open up and share a message about women being free, happy, safe and financially independent.

We’re the saviors we are waiting for, we just don’t know it because no one have ever told us to think that way. But we are and the world needs us right now, to create positive progressive change and to save the planet. But first we need to save ourselves. We need to heal our wounds. We need to empower ourselves and one another, so we can save this planet and give a better chance to ourselves and to future generations.

I truly hope that if you watch this video, you find it inspiring or helpful in some small way.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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