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DESCRIPTION: Genuine and 100% Natural one of a kind Sheepskin Rugs. Incredibly soft to the touch, luxurious wool for comfort, decor and healing. Our sheepskin rugs go through a meticulous and completely natural process of vegetable tanning. This traditional and environmentally friendly method ensures that our hides are transformed into beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly leather. By using tannins found in plant materials, such as tree bark, we prioritize sustainability and create high-quality products that are free from any harmful chemicals.


SIZE: The size is approximately between 2 ft by 3 ft more or less.


IMAGES: Images are for display purposes only, since not two rugs are ever the samethe sheepskin rug you will receive may vary from the ones shown on images.


RUG CARE: Our Natural Sheepskins can be machine washable at DELICATE cycle and then dry tumbled, DO NOT place in dryer.


PRICE: Price is for one (1) Sheepskin Rug. FREE Shipping Included with the price.

Natural Sheepskin Rugs

SKU: Sheepskin-Rug
  • From ancient times to modern-day living, Sheepskins have found their place in various cultures and continue to offer numerous health benefits. Whether used as rugs, throws, or cushions, sheepskins provide a touch of luxury and a natural solution for temperature regulation, pressure relief, hypoallergenic properties, relaxation, and moisture absorption.


    In today's world, sheepskins continue to find their place in our homes and lives. They are commonly used as luxurious rugs, adding a touch of warmth and elegance to any space. Sheepskin throws and cushions provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for snuggling up on a chilly evening.

    Beyond their aesthetic appeal, sheepskins offer a range of health benefits that have been recognized by experts. Please click HERE to read more about their uses and Health benefits.

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