DESCRIPTION: I'm super excited to be able to bring these amazing and super rare to find Boji stone pendants to you. Boji stones are some of the most sacred and powerful stones known, they are very hard to find and specially in jewelry! Please BEWARE and do not confuse these Boji stones pendants with what you see on the online marketplaces such as Ebay, Etsy or Amazon as those are Moqui balls which are NOT the same as Genuine Boji stones.


People call them the same name for two reasons. One because they do not know the difference (seriously) and the second is to sell them at a higher price by passing them for real Boji stones. Please see my detailed information below explaining the difference between them both. Moqui balls are a fantastic stone as well but are NOT to be confused with Boji stones, again two completely different stones.


Please look carefully at the images of the Boji stone pendants and at the "boji stones" sold on the online markets and see how they look quite different. I'm adding an image for comparison here too for you to see easily as well.


The price is for one