A lot of people contact me asking me what are the best crystals for depression, anxiety, stress relief and simply to peace the mind and feel calm and relaxed. With this in mind is that I created this particular crystal healing necklace. When you feel stressed out, anxious, feeling depressed or down, these crystals and stones can be of great help. See below why I choose these particular crystals and how they can be of help to you.




DESCRIPTION: I created this necklace to help you feel more relaxed, calm, and to ease feelings of stress, depression and anxiety within. The crystals and stones I selected to make this necklace are a wonderful combination of crystals and stones for this particular reason. I have a crystal healing kit in my store that is one of my top sellers, people tell me how much they love to wear it and hold it in their hand when they feel stressed, depressed or anxious. Now, you have this stunning necklace as well with the same great combination of crystals, so you can wear it to help you feel better.


For this necklace I selected a large Selenite focal stone, Lepidolite, Blue lace Agate, Larimar, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.


METAL FINDINGS: I prefer to work with 925 Sterling Silver but I also love and use sometimes 304 Stainless Steel for it's durability and resistance to tarnish. Making your jewelry pieces not just beautiful but also long lasting! This particular design have 925 sterling silver spacers beads and a 925 sterling silver lobster clasp with extension chain cord.


CRYSTALS AND STONES: Top Quality 100% Natural and Genuine. Please note that to make this necklace, I'm using 100% real and genuine crystals. These are NOT imitation (beware of fakes) lab created or synthetic. When you buy from me, you are paying for quality and the guarantee of buying real stones.


NECKLACE SIZE: This necklace have an extension chain giving room to wear it longer or sorter as you prefer. Measured flat open from one side to the other end it measures about 21-22 inches long. If for any reason you need or want a longer size please contact me, I can add an extension chain to make it longer. This last option comes with an additional cost.


BEAD SIZE: TThe Selenite crystal is a little under 1.5 inches. The Lepidolite is 6mm beads, Blue Lace Agate 6mm, Rose Quartz 8mm, Amethyst 4mm, and the Larimar stones have been gently partly polished into smooth nuggets, the size is about 5-6mm.


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To learn more about the crystals and stones used to make this beautiful necklace, please visit this page HERE .




Depression Anxiety Crystal Healing Necklace

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    I've been having the toughest troubles with anxiety ever since back in October. I saw doctors and found it stimmed from a leaky gut disorder.
    I tried plenty of products and supplements that seemed to work at 1st but nothing held up. I was cautious to try this as a solution but I tried everything else so I was like, what the heck, give it a try.
    I felt immediate relief as soon as I put it on and actually hate taking it off for even the showers.
    This has truly changed my perspective on crystals and see that true high powered crystals work real miracles.
    I trust no one else and after my 8th purchase, I can see the consistency with each order.
    This is a wonderful gift for two people I have in mind.
    Thanks again for the true good that you put into these items.


    - Posted by William