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Amber Real or Fake Great Test Video Shows Easy Ways For Your To Know

Today I was about to list some Amber jewelry on the store. It is because there is so much fake amber been sold as natural amber on the market, that I decided to make a video. In this video not only I will show you how to know when Amber is real or not, but I also do tests using some of the amber pendants I have in the store, to show you how the amber is 100% natural and genuine. But before the video I thought sharing a bit of information about Amber first, you can also scroll to the bottom to go see the video.

AMBER COLOR INFORMATION: Amber comes in many different colors and in many different shades. This is another very fascinating fact about this natural gemstone. Up until today there are more than 250 different shades and 7 main colors of Amber identified. They vary from yellow to orange, to black, and even white. Green and blue colors are also distinguished; however they tend to be very rare. There are two main factors, which are known to influence Amber’s color. One of these factors is bubble inclusions that are found in this natural resin. The main explanation why these bubbles affect color of Amber is because they block light that goes through this gemstone. These small disturbances in lighting is what cause Amber to form in different colors. The second main factor that determines color of this natural resin is the tree source. Research on fossil resin indicates that some colors are found only in certain tress.


The main supply of high-quality amber comes from the Baltic countries in Northern Europe (there is a famous amber museum in Palanga, Lithuania, that I missed when I was there). The Dominican Republic is also a good source of amber gemstone, especially the rare and highly prized blue amber. Amber is also found in Britain, Poland, Russia, Italy, and Germany.


While often considered a gemstone, the glowing, warm amber is not a stone, but a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest amber discovered on Earth is about 320 million years old. Imagine the incredibly powerful energy this amber contains! Amber is one of the world’s oldest and most coveted treasures, a “Gold of the Sea” intrinsically formed by light and life, preserved by time and washed upon the shores for humanity, a talisman of beauty, protection and renewal. It has been portrayed as drops of the sun, tears of the gods, hardened honey, and sunlight solidified, and is as desired today as it was in the most ancient cultures, utilized as far back as the Stone Age for its pleasing warmth of color, value in adornment, and its magical and medicinal properties. 

Amber belongs to a small class of organic gems, neither a crystal nor a mineral, but a biological product of nature, a protective resin that oozed from living trees in dense, prehistoric forests and fossilized over millions of years. It is highly prized in the metaphysical world for its energetic and healing properties, and for the marvelous Life Force it carries. Amber holds a strong connection to the sun and earth, as well as the once living insects, organisms and plant matter that are forever suspended within its golden structure. It attunes to ancient wisdom and can be a powerful tool for past life recall, or for stimulating the remembrance of genetic lessons and experiences passed down from one’s ancestors. It is useful for clearing family patterns, and initiating one’s prerogative of choice.