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Crystal Healing Pendants For Pets

Introducing the New Collection of Crystal Healing Pendants created just for our beloved pets.

I have personally always use Crystals and Healing Stones with my familiars, specially these past few years that my dog V.J is getting old and showing signs of it, physically and mentally. I do create pendants with Crystals and Healing Stones to help my pets, and now here they are, available for your pets too. This decision has come after some customers have reached out to me inquiring about making a pendant for their pets, so I decided to finally create a catalog and makes them available to all.

  • Every pendant is created with an intention behind for Healing, Protection, Recovery from Illnesses, Aging, Loving Energy and more.

  • Every pendant can be customized or a brand new design can be created to fit your pet's specific needs.

  • Every listing I created for each pendant that can be fund on this page have images and video of my pets wearing and modeling the pendants for you.

  • Pendants are perfect for large and small pets, they can be customized and they are also the perfect gift to give away to any pet lover.

I hope you enjoy the new pet's collection and will be absolutely delighted to see images of your beloved pets wearing my pendants. You can send them to me via email and tag me in your social media if you post them at @CrystalHealthGoddess I really want to see your furry babies;-)

Also here is a little video I put together of three of my kiddos modeling some of the pendants, hope you enjoy it.

As always thank you all for your support and remember that your feedback is always welcomed.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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