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Shungite Winter Time Is Here

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. I love Shungite, for so so many reasons, but right until now? I have always exclusively wear Shungite jewelry just because of its protective and health benefits. Not so much because it’s my color 🖤

Wearing my latest Shungite Designed Bracelets
Wearing my latest Shungite Designed Bracelets

You see, I’m a very colorful person. I LOVE colors and I express a lot of my personality with them. In the clothes I always wear, the decor in my home, the jewelry I wear, even in my hair, you will always find some lavender, or light purple. 

I also live in one of the most artistic and colorful places in the world, Miami 🏝️ were flip flops are your daily foot wear and sundresses 👗 makes really easy to wear all the jewelry your heart desires comfortably. 

But aside from Shungite or Black Tourmaline? You really won’t find much jewelry in black, grey, or dark brown colors on me. Same thing with my clothes, you won’t see me wearing dark color clothes pretty much ever.

My vibe is more like a field of flowers in spring time but all year round 🤗💐

I live in color 🎨 

But been here on the country side during winter time, I’m embracing everything about this experience. Including wearing winter clothes in darker colors to match the scenery 😝 and of course to keep me warm 🥶

Another thing I’m absolutely loving? Is how much I’m enjoying wearing my Shungite jewelry and not just because of its properties like before, but because I absolutely love how it looks with my winter clothing and the stunning #snowwhite scenery. 

✨ Really loving wearing together the many different bracelet designs I created with shungite and copper.

And not even the freezing temperatures will stop me from doing a little modeling, for fun and to show them to you. 😘

I truly had forgotten the wonder of experiencing the four seasons of the year, including the one I always thought I hated the most #winter ❄️

But here I AM living it and loving this #winterwonderland and Shungite #matchinheaven 

Check the website (link in bio☝🏻) to see all the NEW different Shungite jewelry creations I made. 


In Light, Love & Healing 

- Ana Satya

Hope You Enjoy This Little Video;-)


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