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70% to 85% Off Crystal SALE

Hello everyone! I have a huge announcement I wanted to share with you all. Many of you have been following me because my educational videos about Crystals and because I have been your trusted Crystal seller, for so many years. So today I’m announcing the FINAL DAYS of the HUGE sale I’m having on the store, everything pretty much is ON SALE from 70% to 85% YES! That’s right, 85% OFF regular prices.

So right now all tumbled stones are $0.20 $0.40 $0.60 to a dollar! basically all tumbled and small Crystals are on sale for pennies to the dollar.

Don't miss the opportunity to grab some small RAW BLACK TOURMALINE for $0.60!!

This is your chance to get amazing beautiful GENUINE Crystals from a trusted seller for Pennies to the dollar.

BEST PART? Because I have thousands of Crystals and Stones I need to give away, all orders no matter how big or small will receive tons of FREE GIFTS!! 🎁 Plus I LOVE to spoil you with little surprises and awesome gifts;-))

For the bigger Crystal Specimens? I have also lowered their price, and the only reason why I can't lower some of the prices even more is because all these items quality for FREE SHIPPING and the shipping cost is super expensive for items like these. Right now some Crystals are priced at my own original cost plus they are also free shipping for you, so this is truly the best I can do.

Mother's Day is also around the corner, so this is a great opportunity to purchase some Crystals at an insanely low prices, for that very special day.

I created a little video for you talking about this sale and also thanking you for all these years for your continued support of my small business.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me with any special request or questions that you may have, it's always a pleasure to be of service to you;-)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support with this sale and can’t wait to fill your orders with beautiful Crystals and awesome gifts!! 🎁

With All My Love & Gratitude

Ana Satya - @CrystalHealthGoddess

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