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From Sunny Miami Beach To Freezing Cold, Life Decisions Never Thought I Will Make

Life is about Living the way we want, while making the decisions that will move us forward in that direction. So after living for the past 19 years in Miami Beach and after my son moved out on his own, I decided to sale almost everything I had, place valuables in storage, leave my house, and brought me a camper van to take 1-2 years off to live as a "Gypsy" :-)

My adventures on the Country side.
My adventures on the Country side.

taking a break from everything to figure out what I want to do next, and focus on creating this new chapter in my life.

My first stop was going to be visiting my sister in upstate NY and staying living on my van, on her farm for the summer time.

But summer came and go very fast! And I’m enjoying the country side and the change of scenery and life, and specially been with my sister 👭 helping her with the farm, learning how to grow my own food, been surrounded by animals, in 250 acres of magnificent land with green pastures, millions of trees and glorious hills.

So I decided to stay for the winter time which is going to be interesting, because I hate cold! 🥶

And so for the first time in 19 years, I will be experiencing the four seasons; 🌞 summer, 🍁 Autumn, Winter ❄️ and Spring 🌳 here on the country side.

Taking this time to create, to relax, to heal my body.

Already feeling inspired by the changing seasons, learning new things and just living one day at a time, without stress or worries about anything.

Time to refocus my energy not on being a full time mommy now that my grown son is on his own (doing wonderfully) but on manifesting the next chapter of my life as a single woman.

Can’t wait to share with you the things this cold weather is inspiring me to do, and the new products I’m creating.

I’m planning on making videos and sharing this new winter adventure with you, unless my ass is freezing 🥶 in which case, I will be under blankets next to the heater, reconsidering my life decisions. Lol

Stay tuned!

All My Love

-Ana Satya

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