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Sheepskin For Pain Management, My Own Personal Story

It all started about a year and a half ago, it was around the summer of 2022. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with the most unbearable pain in my arms and hands. My arms and hands were completely numb and the swelling on my fingers so bad, it felt at times as if they could explode. It felt impossible to sleep or to stay lying down, so I will get up sit on the bed and start moving my arms and hands trying to make the numbness and tingling go away, and get some circulation flowing. Some times taking me up to an hour or two to start to feel normal again.

I'm a person that when I go to sleep at night, I don't wake up until the next day. I normally get a healthy 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping was not a problem in my life and I enjoyed very much, until the painful issue with my arms and hands started waking me up from the intense pain I was feeling. it got to the point that I feared going to bed because I didn't want my arms and hands to fall sleep, get so swelling and wake me up because of the pain. Sleeping wasn't joyful any more!

And yet that wasn't the only problem I was experiencing. My anklets became so big from the swelling creating me so much pain, that at some point I could no longer stand on my feet for many hours and walking became really painful as well. I was having obviously some circulation problems? Join pain? Why this was happening to me all of a sudden?

While I worked on trying to figure out why I was experiencing this health issues, one thing I had to do immediately was to ease my pain and specially at night time. After some research I believed that I may have carpal tunnel and so I purchased an special elastic brace with copper that it was actually was quite helpful, but it didn't make the pain go away and it could not be used for my anklets.

A year later and right before the summer of 2023, I decided to leave Miami Beach and go upstate New York to visit my sister at her farm. My goal was to relax, focus on healing, eat healthy and work on myself. But what I didn't expect at all, was to find a fantastic remedy here that truly helped me ease my pain while providing me with much comfort.

First Sheepskin Wrap I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain
First Sheepskin Wrap I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain

I shared my health issues with my sister and told her about my arms and hands and how hard it was to sleep at nights, because of the intense pain. She almost could not believe the swelling on my anklets once I show them to her.

I remember the day she told me to use sheepskin to wrap around my wrists and anklets to help me with the pain.

Sheepskin? I asked curiously, how can sheepskin help me with pain? My sister proceed to tell me the therapeutic benefits and properties of sheepskin, and she actually made these sheepskin wrist warmer/bracelets that she sold at the Cooperstown Farmers Market.

She gave me several pieces of sheepskins to wrap around my wrist/arms and ankles, and told me to try.

Did I tried? You bet I did! What did I had to loose, right? Wrapping my wrist, arms and anklets in these sheepskins gave me an immediate feeling of comfort and warmness that made me feel better.

I started doing some research on my own about the uses and benefits of sheepskins thought history. The more I learned the more fascinated I became by the many uses of sheepskins, not only for pain management, but to keep people in very cold climates warm.

A lot of people on Nordic regions are able to survive the cold thanks to sheepskins.

Interestingly enough I also found myself using sheepskins to help me survive the freezing winter temperatures here, while living in my van. I have covered my mattress with sheepskin and used large sheepskins as a blanket to cover my body at nighttime. So at nighttime? I'm literally sleeping in a sandwich made with sheepskins! LOL

So I can tell you for experience how covering your body with sheepskins, is like having a personal body radiator. It is absolutely amazing how much sheepskins can comfort and warm your body.

First Sheepskin Ankle Wraps I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain
First Sheepskin Ankle Wraps I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain

But going back to my health issues reason why I started wrapping sheepskins over my wrists and anklets, because I experienced such relief is that I thought that maybe, just maybe I could also use sheepskins to wrap my head when I got migraines? And so I made me a sheepskin migraine head wrap/hat and boy did it help for my migraines as well.

This gave me the idea to incorporate Healing Crystals and Stones with the sheepskins and this is how my new products passed from being an idea created to help myself, to a product made with lots of love and personal care to help others as well.

It also inspired me to do something I have never done before, painting. Wearing the sheepskins around my wrists felt so good, that it inspired me to create some designs with Stones like Lapis lazuli and Coral Fossil Stones and to hand paint them myself. The final result as you can see for the images, turned to be something that could be used not just for pain management but as a beautiful wearable art bracelet as well.

Same thing happened with the migraine head wrap I made me, it ended looking so good and feel so comfortable and warming for the winter months, that I started using it as a daily winter hat, as you can see on the images as well.

But wait, you may be asking, did you healed yourself? Did you found out why you were experiencing this symptoms and pain in your arms, hands and anklets? and the answer is YES! it turned out that I had a pinched nerve and something the doctor called "Radiculopathy" which is an acute inflammation of the spinal nerve roots. I also had tendonitis, and a huge fluid water retention problems and inflammation.

With the help of regular chiropractor visits, taking some specific hormonal supplements, a natural supplement to help with water retention, daily exercise, earthing and a combination of other natural remedies, I completely got rid of the inflammation and swelling in my anklets. I started getting more healthy sleep again without waking up in the middle of the night in pain. I even stopped using the sheepskin in my anklets since I no longer experienced pain but continue using the sheepskin in my wrists not just for pure comfort but because it keeps me very warm in this freezing temperatures. I'm not fully healed but I'm a million time better, than when I came here to the farm 7 months ago.

First Sheepskin Wraps I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain
First Sheepskin Wraps I Made To Help Me Ease My Pain

I wanted to share my personal experience of how sheepskins helped me cope with intense pain, hoping that if any of you reading this experience similar health issues and pain, that you will give my Sheepskin Pain Management Bracelets and migraine hat a try, because I think they will be as helpful to you, as they have been to me.

I also want to welcome you and encourage you to read my blog post about The Historical and Healing Benefits and Uses of Sheepskin. I think you will find the information not just interesting but hopefully helpful as well.

Here below are some sample of a few of the different designs I created for you, as you can see my designs have quite evolved from the ones I start using, as you can see on the images above. These new designs I created are equally efficient for pain management, but a lot more beautiful to wear;-)

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and found the information helpful and inspire you to try my New Sheepskin Pain Management Wearables. Should you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact me. Always happy to be of help and assistance to you all.

In Light, Love & Natural Healing

- Ana Satya

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Ana, I am so proud of you!!!!! You have helped me keep my hope up with my pain issues....keep it up! Soon I will be ordering your new sheepskin products! Love and peace to you and yours!

Jen S.

Hamilton, Montana

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Ana Satya
Ana Satya
28 dic 2023
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Jen what an incredible lovely comment you posted. Thank you so very much for your very kind words, your words and support is deeply appreciated, please know that.

All My Love & Gratitude

Ana Satya


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