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Siberian Cedar Wood Healing Properties

Siberian cedar is one of the most beautiful and majestic trees of Siberia. Siberian cedar (also known in the West as the Siberian pine) is the king of taiga, a clean, virgin Siberian forest.

Cedar is not your ordinary Pine tree.

Siberian Cedar Wood Trees

Siberian Cedar grows abundantly in Russia the Urals, Siberia, Altai Krai. It is their pride and considered their national tree. it is woven tightly into local folklore, traditional medicine and mythology. The list of traditional medicinal uses for Siberian Cedar externally and internally is truly extensive.

The healing properties of Siberian cedar were well known in Russia long time ago. Russian healers placed patients in a cedar barrel mounted on the hot stones. Ancient herbalists were thus able to cure many ailments and illnesses. Siberian Cedar is used extensively for a myriad of therapeutic applications in traditional Russian medicine.

The Siberian Cedar is one of the most beautiful and majestic trees on the Earth. Ever since the very earliest times it has been considered a life-giving, healing tree.

Siberian Cedar Wood Resin

Cedar, particularly Siberian Cedar is one of the most powerful generators of oxygen in the plant world. The tree contains the highest amounts of phytoncides, natural anti-microbal compounds which make the air in cedar forest or taiga almost sterile, killing bacteria, toxins and infections.

The Cedar resin is the essence of the tree, containing high amounts of phytocides and other microelements able to heal and rejuvenate. Due to these special components, Cedar resin is natural antiseptic, immune system enhancer, able to regenerate energy and vitality, as well cleanser of cells and rejuvenator of skin and tissue.

In the Old Testament (Leviticus 14: 4) God teaches how to heal people and even disinfect dwellings with the help of... the Cedar. The Old Testament points to the cedar and only the cedar and does not mention any other trees.

Cedarwood was an important part of ancient culture. The Sumerians believed that Cedar groves were the dwelling places of the gods and burned cedar in their ceremonies. Mentioned in both the bible and the talmud, Cedar was used to build important buildings in ancient times, including King Solomon's Temple and the palaces of David and King Solomon.

The ancient Egyptians used the resinous oil of the cedar for embalming. They also used the tree’s wood for making sarcophagi (coffins), some of which are still in excellent condition after 3,000 years.

Noah was supposed to have prepared an offering of cedarwood and myrtle incense to give thanks for surviving the flood. Cedarwood was also burned as incense in Tibetan monasteries.

The Cedar oil was traditionally used by Native Americans to enhance spiritual communion and to promote feelings of positivity. It was also use in its native countries to stimulate hair growth and to treat various skin conditions.

The mention of this tree is found from the time of the ancient druids. Assyrian kings used amulets from cedar to persuade lords of other kingdoms to listen to their opinion and the women of Assyria wore such amulets for the love spell of the man they liked… Pieces of this tree are able to heal, restore the destroyed biofield, the human etheric web.

Cedar helps to relieve fatigue and stress. It has been noticed that people who are constantly in contact with cedar (carpenters, wood carvers) have excellent health. And there is no doubt about this because they are constantly in touch with its energy. 

Siberian cedar is unique. Its energy and rhythms of life coincide with the energy and rhythm of a healthy human body. It is believed that if a person is near the cedar, his or her energy starts to balance and improve.

Medical qualities of cedar (pine) are known to traditional medicine since ancient times. They are now confirmed by modern scientific medicine, and supported by Christian and Vedic literature.

Virtually everything in a cedar tree - from its needles to bark morsels - possesses medical power.

Cedar wood improve the quality of the air, and its believed to have curative powers. The essential oils contained in cedar needles, which provide it with a refined aroma, possess a bactericidal effect -- the air in cedar forests is practically germ-free.

The resin extracted from the Cedar have a strong-anti-aging ingredient, preventing premature skin aging, regenerating cells, enhancing skin tone and firmness and bringing energy and vitality to skin. It is also a healing ingredient for people with skin problems and tendency to have thinning hair and easily broken nails. It is extremely beneficial for those living in harsh climates, polluted environments and leading stressful lifestyles.

Natural oil pressed from the Siberian Cedar pine nuts has splendid healing properties. Cedar wood essential oil is a substance derived from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees.

Cedarwood oil and its components have been analyzed in animal and human studies for potential health and beauty benefits. The components found in cedarwood oil include cedrine, cedrol, and thujopsene. The essential oil extracted from cedar is believed to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic, insecticidal, and antifungal among many other things.

According to an animal study reported in Physiology and Behavior

Trusted Source the cedrol in cedar wood oil may have a soothing effect on mood, making it beneficial for anxiety and reducing stress.

Siberian Cedar timber has a beautiful composition, with a lovely rosy colour. The noble colour of this sacred tree delights one's eyes and cheers one's mood. Products made from Cedar (from jewelry, to furniture, to saunas and healing rooms) possess a powerful beneficial energy.

Jewelry made with Cedar wood should be worn so that it is in contact with the body. It is said that if the color changes, then the cedar is working with you together and your state of health will change, making illnesses and bad moods go away and relieving anxiety, tension and all the dark energy your body accumulates.

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I truly hope you find this information interesting and helpful .

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya


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