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White Orbs

Last night I was celebrating, dancing with joy and gratitude, for the incredible profound experience I had with the sacred plant medicine.

As I was looking at the video I recorded of me dancing in my room, and noticed a huge white Orb passing by my face.

So I decided to press record, but without me in the video so I could just look at the lens, and while my naked eye could not see anything, my camera captured so many white Orbs. First I thought it could be the reflection of the projector, so I turned it off, just to see even more Orbs! ☁️

Look at the video the exact same place I was, see all those white Orbs? See the moment right before I extend my hand that BEAUTIFUL big white Orb coming at me, I replayed in slow motion, to see it better. Wish I was a better “videographer” to show better and more clear what I captured. Do you see the Orbs too? Wish you could feel the vibes and energy too.

It feels really good to feel this good again. Sensing the celestial white light and energy still all around me. Hope you enjoyed the video and the white orbs;-)

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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