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DESCRIPTION: I'm so excited to bring these incredible pendants to you all. Each pendant was created using 100% Natural and Genuine Baltic Amber and 925 Sterling Silver in a Stunning artistic design featuring a large Baltic Amber as Centerpiece. See me holding some up to the sunlight, the color and energy is truly amazing! You are going to love them. Exclusive new item ONLY 4 AVAILABLE. Top quality Baltic Amber 100% Natural.


SIZE: approximately in between 2 to 3 inches length by 1 inch wide


PICTURES: Taken with my Iphone, inside my home and also in my garden catching that sunlight.


Please click HERE to read The amazing healing properties of Amber


Also make sure to watch the VIDEO I created to easily show you how to test your Amber to know if it is real or fake. Remember REAL Amber under UV light WILL make the Amber turn Green, the more green the highest Amber quality.

Natural Baltic Amber Statement Pendant

SKU: Baltic-amber-pendant
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