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Exclusive Services

For the past 25 years helping others have been my passion and Joy.

As a Certified lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator & Doula, for many years I worked as a professional in the childbirth field. As an autor, I published a book on how to raise healthy children. As a woman & a single mother I have been working for myself as an entrepreneur for over two decades, building several business all from the comfort of my home.


I LOVE helping and motivating women & believe I have a lot of life experiences and knowledge on specific areas, that if shared could be of benefit to others as well. Above all, I have a lot of love and compassion & helping others in any way that I can is not just a passion of mine but my mission in life. Therefore I now want to dedicate much of my time putting all this in practice and I will be offering consultations of a variety of subjects that maybe of interest to you.

How It Works

  • Schedule a consultation with me HERE

  • You can choose phone or video calls

  • Right away I will let you lead the conversation so you can start using your time right away.

  •  If you have specific questions have them written prior to our session so that you can take the most advantage of your time.

  • - If you want to talk about something personal I recommend a longer time block.

  • - You can book a session with me for an specific subject from the list below, just to ask a few questions or for anything that's personal to you such as needing emotional support.

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