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Chakras and Crystals Learn About The Chakras, Their Colors and Crystals

Posted by Ana Satya on

Chakras and Crystals

Learn About The Chakras, Their Colors and Crystals

The chakras are spirals of light that bring energy into the body and remove old energy from the body. Chakras, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle, are the energy centers of your spiritual power within your body. Each of our Chakras has it’s own unique healing color, which are also the same colors that appear in a rainbow. There are 7 major Chakra centers of the physical body, where vital energy flows and intersects. They begin at the base of your spine and continue up to the crown of your head. Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. The chakras are manifested in one's physical state. The ideal is to have all chakra centers clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being. The chakra system goes back to ancient eastern masters. Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a color of the spectrum. Stones are used at chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing, and healing.

These are the 7 major Chakra centers


Color is red, other colors associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and gray. Location: base of the spine to the genitalia.

Association: Represents passion and the feeling of being grounded

Root Chakra crystals/stones: garnet, ruby, onyx, red jasper, obsidian, smokey quartz, jet stone, hematite.


Color is orange.

Location: lower abdomen to naval area.
Association: Represents creativity and your ability to accept others
Navel Chakra crystals/stones: carnelian, orange zincite, imperial topaz, mookaite, sunstone, moonstone.


Color is yellow.
Location: Upper abdomen, above the navel, below the chest.
Association: Represents intellect and how you see yourself in the world
Solar Chakra crystals/stones: citrine, amber, tiger eye.


Color is green and the secondary color is pink.
Location: Center of the chest.
Association: Represents your ability to love unconditionally and accept others
Heart Chakra crystals/stones: Morganite, rose quartz, green and pink tourmaline, jade, aventurine, malachite, emerald.


Color is blue.
Location: throat.
Association: Represents communication and self-expression
Throat Chakra crystals/stones: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, turquoise or blue lace agate, chrysocolla, Blue Kyanite, larimar, amazonite, aquamarine.


Color is indigo or shades of dark blue.
Location: Pineal Gland between eyebrows, center of forehead.
Association: Represents understanding and your ability to focus on and see the big picture
Brow Chakra crystals/stones: Azurite, tanzanite, lapis lazuli or sodalite.


Color is purple, the secondary color is clear or white.
Location: Crown of the head.
Association: Represents divine inspiration, communication and knowledge.
Crown Chakra crystals/stones: amethyst, charoite, selenite, clear quartz.

*The Chakras of Matter

The first three chakras, starting at the base of the spine are chakras of matter. They are more physical in nature.

First Chakra: The Muladhara is the chakra of stability, security, and our basic needs. It encompasses the first three vertebrae, the bladder, and the colon. When this chakra is open, we feel safe and fearless.

Second Chakra: The Svadhisthana chakra is our creativity and sexual center. It is located above the pubic bone, below the navel, and is responsible for our creative expression.

Third Chakra: The Manipura chakra means lustrous gem and it’s the area from the navel to the breastbone. The third chakra is our source of personal power.

*The Fourth Chakra: The Connection Between Matter and Spirit

Located at the heart center, the fourth chakra, anahata is at the middle of the seven and unites the lower chakras of matter and the upper chakras of spirit. The fourth is also spiritual but serves as a bridge between our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The heart chakra is our source of love and connection.
When we work through our physical chakras, or the first three, we can open the spiritual chakras more fully.

*The Chakras of Spirit

Fifth Chakra: The Vishuddha chakra is the fifth chakra, located in the area of the throat. This is our source of verbal expression and the ability to speak our highest truth. The fifth chakra includes the neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, and tongue.

Sixth Chakra: The Ajna chakra is located in between the eyebrows. It is also referred to as the “third eye” chakra. Ajna is our center of intuition. We all have a sense of intuition but we may not listen to it or heed its warnings. Focus on opening the sixth chakra will help you hone this ability.

Seventh Chakra: The Sahaswara chakra or the “thousand petal lotus” chakra is located at the crown of the head. This is the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and ultimately, to the divine. It is located at the crown of the head.


What are the best crystals for the chakras and how to use them

A very powerful Chakra meditation is to place each crystal or stone on the part of the body that corresponds to each specific chakra. Imagine and visualize each chakra opening and the energy flowing freely, then as you breath deeply, visualize the crystal's color and with each breath feel the energy of the crystal cleaning and opening each chakra directing this charged “Prana” (the Life giving Energy of the Universe, which we take in through the air we breath) to that Chakra, infusing it with Life energy.

The Complete Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

The Complete Chakra Crystal Healing Kit


1- 7 crystals and stones each one corresponding to each chakra

2- a beautiful 100% cotton colorful medicine bag handmade in Guatemala

3- a selenite charging plate to cleanse and recharge your crystals

4- a white ceremonial sage to smudge yourself and crystals before use

SIZE: The medicine bah measures approximately 4 x 3 inches. The crystals are a nice tumbled stone size. The selenite charging plate is square measuring 2.5 x 2.5

This unique Crystal kit is to be used to open, cleanse and balance your chakras. The best way to use it is with intention and to lay the crystals on the corresponding chakra and do the meditation recommended below.


*These paragraphs have been extracted from the Chopra Center Website

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