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Andara Crystals The Biggest SCAM Ever No One's Talking About

Posted by Ana Satya on

Andara Crystals is the biggest scam ever and no one is talking about it. I created this educational video to warn people about this shameful scam.

Please watch the entire video as the information provided is very important. Andara "Crystals" is the biggest scam ever in the mineral world, and it's been going on since 2013! There is no such a thing as an Andara Crystal, the truth is that what you're buying is nothing more or less than Slag Glass/Cullet Glass which is used in landscaping decoration, and aquarium decorations as well. Slag glass is used to make those beautiful colorful lamps that most everyone likes.

All I'm saying with this is that Slag glass it is really beautiful yes, but it is just a cheap glass NOT a real authentic quartz/crystal.

Here below is the link to the forum were professional tried to expose this horrible scam since 2013.

Here below are some of the organizations I contacted about this: American Gem Society Accredited Gemologist Association Gemological Institute of America International Gemologist Institute International School Of Gemology

Now, I wanted to add one more thing. it is possible that these beautiful colorful glass was in lady's Neli land? Yes absolutely it is, just as they can be found on many other land/locations due to glass factories in PA, NJ, CA and many other places dumping these slag glass. They have been buried under roads or rail lines as well, so yes they can be underneath land and will be a beautiful discovery, but know that it is just slag glass.

ALSO another important thing I want to mention here and not on my video, as I didn't want to make the video too long;-) Is to notice that in some of the listings on Ebay and Etsy and other marketplaces selling these "Andara crystals" is that they advertise as "Andara Crystal Glass" and I can't help but point out that CRYSTAL and GLASS are entirely different substances. Natural crystals form according to regular geometric shapes (even the cryptocrystalline forms like jasper where the crystals are too small to be seen with the naked eye), and it forms slowly. Glass is formed quickly, when a molten substance hardens before it has time to assume a crystalline structure. It's either one or the other, but it can't be both.

Now you know, so please share this information and most importantly, do not fall for this shameful scam.

Much Love Always 


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