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Back In Stock Black Tourmaline Wrap Bracelets

Great news! Hey guys a very quick blog post to post some updates. Many of you were awaiting for the Black Tourmaline Arm Wrap Bracelets and they are back in the store and available for purchase now. These beautiful bracelets usually sells out rather quick when I list them, so don't miss out and get [...]

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Flower Crystals Healing Energy Because Nature Knows Best

I love flowers, they remind me of my favorite season of the year, spring. I live in a place where we have tropical weather year round and also all kinds of beautiful flowers. So in my world I can live in a spring state of mind, all year long. But to me spring is so [...]

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Smoky Quartz Natural or Irradiated Here is Everything You Need To Know

Is your Smoky Quartz 100% Natural? How do you know if the Smoky Quartz that you purchased or want to buy is natural or not? On this post, I want to go more in depth to explain the difference between natural Smoky Quartz and Irradiated Quartz. I also created a video that can be found [...]

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Gemstone Jewelry Does it Has To Be So Expensive?

The answer to this question is yes and no, and I'm going to explain in detail why. When it comes to the mineral kingdom there are thousands of different Crystals and Stones. The ones used to make jewelry can be differentiated in there are two main categories, for those who may be new to this [...]

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Golden Healer Quartz Clusters Natural

Spectacular and 100% Natural Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Clusters from Arkansas. Newly listed on the store. Do not miss the opportunity to have a genuine Golden Healer. Why are these crystals so special you may ask? Here is a little information about these magnificent healing crystals. A true Golden Healer is defined as a crystal or crystal [...]

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Imperial Golden Topaz Rough Natural

Incredible Natural Imperial Golden Topaz Rough Crystals. 100% NATURAL AND GENUINE Golden Imperial Topaz.Newly listed on the website. Learn more about this amazing crystal and if you would like to have an authentic Imperial Golden Topaz click here. A stone of good fortune, Imperial Topaz has been credited with bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer. [...]

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Natural Amazonite Rough From Peru

Stunning 100% Natural Rough Amazonite Stones from Peru, most of them containing Smokey Quartz crystals and mica. Amazonite is an amazing crystal for women. If you would like to get some please click this link. A semi-opaque stone that was used extensively by the Egyptians it is called the stone of courage and is said [...]

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Authentic Shungite Statement Necklaces. Natural Shungite Custom Made Jewelry.

Dear friends and customers, due to the high demand for AUTHENTIC Shungite jewelry, I have decided to create a new Shungite Jewelry Line, focused in creating unique and stunning jewelry pieces using only 100% natural and genuine Shungite from Russia. Please take a look at the store and see the different designs created and if [...]

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Shungite For Healthy Beautiful Plants

Do you love plants and gardening? Would you like to know how to keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy? Even if you are not one of those people that are "good" with plants. I invite you to watch this video I created explaining how plants loves Shungite and how you can use it for [...]

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Crystal Healing Educational Videos To Help You learn About crystals.

In my effort to help you learn more about crystals I have created some educational videos about Crystals and Crystal Healing, that I hope you will find interesting and even helpful. If you want to see more videos than the ones listed here, please click HERE to be taken to the VIDEO PAGE.VIDEO #1How To [...]

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