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A Beautiful Winter Wonderland Story

Believe it or not, spring has finally arrived here in Upstate NY and with that the good weather Finally!! This has been my first winter in 20 years and not only that, but it was my first winter experience while living in a converted bus.

Welcoming Sping With A Big Smile
Welcoming Sping With A Big Smile

The experience has been great but in all honesty, I won't do it again. LOL I have never experienced so much cold or sleep under so many sheepskins to keep me and the kiddos (my two cats and my dog) warm.

But I did it and not only I survived the freezing temperatures but I did thrive this winter, focusing on getting healthier, stronger and taking lots of beautiful images of what i call, a true winter wonderland experience.

Now, I finally got to put the winter clothes away and unpack my spring and summer clothes which I have missed so much!

Winter was cold, living under freezing temperatures but it was also beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking looking like a real winter wonderland.

I decided to create a little video tribute to my winter here to show you some of the beautiful pictures and videos I took. I truly hope that you enjoy this video;-)

Now is time to welcome Spring and Summer season, wear colorful sundresses adorned with my beautiful handmade jewelry that I have also missed very much during the winter time.

I hope that your winter wasn't as cold as mine was, and that you are as excited as I'm to welcome the new Spring and Summer season.

With All My Love

Ana Satya

The jewelry I'm wearing can be found here


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