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A Powerhouse In a Tinny and Not So Pretty Crystal

This tinny crystal right here is one of those that provably will be overlook by many in a crystal store. It is tinny, not "so pretty" appears to be even "broken or damaged" and is not too appealing to the naked eye. YET, there is a powerhouse within this crystal. Not only for it's rarity, but it's metaphysical properties as well. it's a powerful energy healing tool.

This crystal is an Amphibole Quartz which is also known as Angel Phantom Quartz crystal. These crystals are found only in Brazil at Minas Gerias.

Amphibole Angel Quartz is a wonderful crystal for those who are beginning to work with the Angelic Realms. Amphibole is a crystal which contains the properties of four minerals. Kaolinite which is the white to yellow tone and activates spiritual evolvement, whilst aiding detoxification. Hematite which is the red tones can help provide protection by deflection. It aids concentration, memory, self-control, practicality, original thinking, helps study, bookkeeping and all types of detail work. Limonite which is the brown/yellow tones and provides us with strength and vitality. These minerals are captured in Quartz which amplifies all these healing powers, and transmits this wonderful energy. 

Angel Quartz is said to be excellent for attracting and working with angels. Some Angel Quartz crystals even show phantoms that resemble angel's wings. It's also used in metaphysics to create balance in any aspect of life, and act from Universal love, as well as to contact one's Spirit Guides. It's also used in mystical energy work for astral travel, lucid dreaming, and interplane or interdimensional communication, as well as communications with the Higher Self . This crystal has a limonite phantom inside and red hematite as well. The white part is Kaolinite. These minerals are captured in Quartz which amplifies all these healing powers, and transmits this wonderful energy. Now, here below are some interesting facts about Limonite and red Hematite for you to know. Limonite is good for clarity of thought and encourages positive thoughts. This crystal helps your mind rise way above the problems of the physical world and helps you discover many more ways your mind can work; amazing things your mind can do. It can help you find the things you truly desire, those things hidden in the Inner Self. If you are "down", Limonite can bring you out of it again and again. This crystal can help you reach stability in your life, should you choose it. It can also bring you to comfort which I look at as an extension of abundance; one of the things that naturally comes out of abundance of all good things. Hematite can help clear your mind; help you sort things out. It can help you "tune up" your intellect--make your memory better, help your thinking processes, and even help you with technical knowledge. Hematite is a calming stone as well. It balances the yin/yang energies. It also balances all the bodies. It helps dissolve negativity and transforms the negative energy into universal love. It is a great grounding and protection stone, especially during meditation. It not only grounds and protects you, but it will bounce back any negative energy sent at you back to the sender.

Stay tune for more posts on this subject! This is a post I created for my page on IG please follow me there if you wish. ;-) @crystalhealthgoddess In Light, Love, and Crystal Healing Ana Satya

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