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Certified Crystal Healer "certifications" courses, programs, schools, what you needs to know.

Today I want to talk to you about "Crystal Healer Certifications" and I know in advance that some people won't like this post, specially the creators of these courses. But I'm writing this article for you with the best of intentions to make YOU aware of things.

Holistic medicine is a wonderful thing! I'm 100% a believer and advocate of it. Yet an explosion of "holistic businesses" has grown tremendously for the past few years. The same thing have happened with crystals! The "Crystal business" has grown tremendously. Now you have 18-20   years old kids selling crystals calling themselves "Certified Crystal healers." You may also follow many other accounts (such as mine) that sell and talk about crystals and you think we may be an authority in the field. And many of us are, or at least we have put the work and learn quite a bit about the mineral kingdom, do our research and work for MANY years with crystals, even before starting to sell them or make a business out of it. 

First of all, I would like to say that there is absolutely nothing that I know myself, that  you cannot learn on your own and know too, without a need for "certifications." Now, having said this, I want to tell you my experience when researching on this subject.

1- I decided to do some research and one of my first findings, was a website/school looking very legit online that asked me just to sign up with my email, to access the "Crystal healing course program" as soon as I entered my email on the