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Crystals For Pain and Healing From an Injury.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

I was recently asked what crystals are good for pain and healing from an injury. There are many many crystals that can be helpful for that, here I’m including some of my favorites. A great way to work with crystals for physical healing, is to create a crystal healing bag with a combination of them, and place them in the area of the body we trying to heal, stop pain or recover from injury.

Here below I'm sharing with you some of the best Crystals and Stones for pain and recovery from injury. Make sure to check the already made crystal healing kits available in the store.



If you have been sick for any period of time and are now going through convalescence, this stone will help you to return to normal life. It is excellent to aid healing within the heart and lungs and can aid recovery from injury. Unakite is known to help you to gain weight if you have lost weight during a period of lengthy illness. This can be helped by directing its energy towards the place you most would like the returning weight to end up.

As it contains Epidote... with the greener stones having more of this energy present... their vibration is strong to aid you to create change via your actions. So if you take positive actions towards your goal to get better, this stone will aid the process. If you have any bad habits it also aids you to release them ... including helping you to release addictions. It helps to let go of anger and negative feelings which may manifest in disease if you keep them within you. By using this stone to release these negative thought patterns it aids you to move forwards and gain increased good health more quickly. Now, here’s a real important strong point and something to keep in mind. Unakite is a stone to have around when we are gaining our health and strength and recuperating from any major illness.