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Dioptase Incredibly Beautiful Fascinating Crystal

I have been working  with Dioptase for a long time now. An incredibly beautiful crystal that have me mesmerized just by looking at it. I have been doing some study, and wanted to try the healing properties and wonders of this very rare crystal, as you know I only like to talk and share information on the crystals I have personally experienced and work with. So I got myself an amazing specimen from Czech Republic and have been working with Dioptase for the past couple of years. And it's not only an incredibly beautiful crystal but a fascinating one! Below, I'm sharing some information on this magnificent crystal.


Key words: Forgiveness, compassion, release of karmic patterns, prosperity

Chakras: Heart. Dioptase is a very powerful stone that awakens the higher heart chakra.

Crystal Descriptions: Dioptase is a very rare mineral that occurs in dry or desert like areas. It is a mineral that crystallizes with quartz and can be found in or on quartz crystals. Some of the finest specimens of Dioptase were found in a mine, which is now closed, in Tsumed, Namibia. These crystals can also be found in Zaire, Russia, and Chile and in Arizona in the United States.

Dioptase can heal the heart by helping to free us from the limits of our past in order for us to embody our fullest potential with joy and peace. Any physical disease related to past traumas and abuse can be aided by Dioptase’s ability to help us forgive and release karmic patterns allowing us to be our true selves.

Metaphysical Properties of Dioptase

-Dioptase is a very powerful stone that awakens the higher heart chakra.

-It helps open the heart to encourage love and compassion and to heal emotional pain.

-Meditating with Dioptase motivates ones ability to forgive in order to heal emotional wounds.

-Aids in releasing negative emotional patterns and has been useful in easing emotional pain associated with such things as trauma and divorce.

-Helps to dissolve feelings of grief and sorrow associated with such things as death and also promotes the healing of neglect and abuse.

-It helps awaken memories of past-lives and gives one the ability to identify current situations from a new perspective so that healing can take place.

-Facilitates spiritual attunement and assists in aligning the chakras.

-Produces peace of mind and calming energy.

-Helps to detoxify the mind and the need to control others.

-Useful in balancing the yin-yang energy.

-Promotes the ability to reach higher levels of consciousness.

-Activates the third eye to allow one to experience spiritual or psychic visions.

Healing Properties of Dioptase

-Used to help diagnose and treat cardiovascular disorders.

-Helpful in detoxifying the blood and treating blood disorders.

-Useful in treating disorders of the central nervous system.

-Strengthens the physical heart.

-Alleviates aches and pains and relieves migraine headaches.

-Beneficial in treating lung disorders and respiratory problems.

-Useful in fortifying the female reproductive system and easing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

-Helps to strengthen the bones and teeth and tone the muscles.

-It is valuable in treating insufficiencies in nourishment.

-Used to treat stomach disorders, a nervous stomach and ulcers.

-Aids in restoring the ability to stimulate hormones that tend to slow down in the elderly.

-Effective in relieving post-surgical pain.

-Has shown improvement in symptoms in patients that have Meniere's Disease (a disease affecting ones equilibrium).

-It has been shown to increase T-Cell counts in patients with autoimmune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The astrological signs for Dioptase are Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Dioptase vibrates to the number 8.

Affirmation: I forgive and release all the old patterns which have held me back, and I accept with an open heart the many blessings of my life.

Invite you to learn more about this magnificent beauty, and will keep you updated. Hope you enjoy this brief description.

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