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Do You Believe in Magic?

Some people use and abuse Drugs, Sex and Alcohol to help them escape from a life filled with trauma & pain.

Doing this doesn’t take away that pain much less heal the trauma, for you can put a bandage to cover a wound while putting all your attention away on something else (drugs/sex/alcohol) believing this will help you forget your pain. But in the long run, all it does it creates even more pain.

I know this because that was me many many years ago. I was young feeling completely alone in this world, and traveling carrying around with me a huge emotional baggage, one that lead me to the wrong companies and path.

I’m 50 now and have learned a lot of things in my life. I no longer believe that drowning ourselves in alcohol, sex, drugs or any other additions will take away our pain, to the contrary it will create even more.

A mind that’s not clear, a heart that feels unloved will always end with the wrong crowds.

Now I believe in magic instead, because I have seen it and feel it. Some of the most incredible things I have seen and experienced, happened during many of my sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies.

No, the healing I experienced it didn’t take away the pain or the childhood family trauma, but it has helped me tremendously to deal with it much better throughout the years.

I believe in Crystals, elemental beings, spirit guides, healing plants and the energy medicine we receive from Nature, and

I believe that in many of my darkest and most depressive moments, these are the only thing I have had to comfort me and help me walk through that dark lonely tunnel, so I could see and walk towards the light.

I have learnt to believe in magic more than in humans. Maybe that’s why now I live surrounded by Crystals, animals and nature, while working daily on continuing healing, self improving, and living my best life yet, taking one beautiful day at the time.

I believe in Magic because that’s all we have & need sometimes.

Wishing you all a magical weekend.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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