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Favorite Natural Citrine Turned Into Dreamy Multi Bracelet Necklace

I have this Natural Citrine Crystal that I adore and that I absolutely love to held in my hand, because it feels AMAZING!

So today I finally turned it into a dreamy multi Bracelet & Necklace so I can wear it either way! 😍

I created it using very strong elastic cord so I can wrap it several times in my wrist, using it as a multi layer #bracelet while allowing me to comfortably hold my #citrine in my hand when I want.

This my Happy 😃 Sun ☀️ Filled Crystal was misplaced many times when I was keeping it in the pockets of the clothes I was wearing for the day, and so something needed to be done because loosing this #Crystal is NOT happening 😅 it’s way too precious to me, truly.

Since I wanted to wear it comfortably while been able to hold it in my hand, I decided to use elastic cord so it could easily be wrapped around my wrist, and make it as loose or as tight as I needed it to be. And I do love the outcome because you really are turning it into two pieces of #jewelry that can be wore as a gemstone bracelet or as a gemstone necklace and so after collecting seashells during the day, I will be creating many new similar ones with other healing crystals & healing stones.

What do you think? Love the Bracelet/Necklace idea combination? and what Crystals and Stones would you choose to make yours? If you mention it in the comments below, I may end reading your comment and adding it to the store. 🤗

Imagine having your favorite Crystals and Stones in an easy to wear Jewelry Design that can be wore as a multi wrapped Bracelet or as a long Necklace.

Make a wish and your wish will become my command. 😃

No truly, I absolutely love to create beautiful Creations with Gemstones that when we wear them, makes us look beautiful while benefiting from the beautiful Positive Healing Energy of the Mineral Kingdom.

Crystals and Stones used:

To create this beautiful Jewelry piece I used the combination of these Crystals and Healing Stones; Australian Chrysoprase, Indian Red Tiger Eye, Yellow Tiger Eye, Paraiba Blue Apatite, Baltic Amber, Fire Sunstone, Copper Components and a large Natural Citrine Crystal as a Focal Piece.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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