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Healing Foods, Healing Crystals. My Medicine Comes From Mother Earth.

Healthy foods and healing crystals because we only have one body in this lifetime. Motivating ourselves to be the best version of ourselves, requires to be conscious of the choices that we make. From the foods we eat to the healing methods we use in our everyday life. My medicine comes from Mother Earth. Whole Foods to nurture my body, healing crystals to charge my food, filling my physical body as well as my home with positive healing energy.

This little bowl right here is filled with healing nutritious food. Black rice (much healthier than white!) sautéed with roasted cauliflower, zucchini, pineapple, walnuts, sesame seeds and dulse seaweed. Avocado is a must to have for me, I eat one avocado a day!

Eating healthy is not difficult but one must have the willingness to educate yourself about the foods we choose to put into our bodies. You can't use crystals for healing, go to ayahuasca sacred ceremonies, do yoga or any other exercise, then eat Macdonald and fast food everyday.

Healing requires a Wholistic approach taking into consideration Spirit, Body and Mind. It's truly a lifestyle.

Why I'm putting food pictures on this page? Because I don't want to sell you just crystals, I want to help you live a healthier more positive life. We all deserve to be happy and healthy. Wouldn't you agree with that?

Hope your day is going great and your plate today looks colorful. Show your food some love and charge it with your crystals if you haven't tried it yet.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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