There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. You will find that the internet is filled with articles and information on how to keep your crystals clean and how to care for them and they long lasting well being. For me, when it comes to the care of your crystals, it's much more than just clean them once in a while. For crystals not only need to be cleanse but they need to be recharged, re-energized. Additionally not all crystals can be cleansed the same way. That is why you need to know your crystals and how to care for them. And I'm going to tell you what is the very best way to cleanse and care for your crystals.

I will list below, the most common ways to clean your crystals. Then, I will tell you my ultimately favorite and add a picture as demonstration as well. I will also tell you why it's the BEST way to clean and recharge your crystals.

Here we go:

1.    One of the methods to clean your newly bought crystals is to classify them according to their type, and soak them in salty water for three days. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly and put them to dry out in the Sun. Still better variation of this method is to use seawater. Purified water with himalayan rough salt is a much beter option, than regular tap water with regular salt. 2.    Crystals can be quickly cleaned by keeping them under the flow of lukewarm water for three to five minutes. Beware: some crystals should not be put into water, especially soft stones like azurite, angelite, phenakite, boji stone, selenite and similar. 3.    The least invasive method of cleaning crystals would be exposing them to incense burning smoke. The incense of herbal origin, like cedar, salvia, juniper, or pine tree works the best. Put the incense stick bellow your crystal, allowing for a better exposure of your crystal to the smoke. This is an excellent way of purifying yourself and your environment. My favorite of all time is WHITE SAGE, no matter what form of cleaning your crystals you use, it is always a great idea to burn incense to clean not only your crystals but your environment and yourself! Besides, crystals love Sage!! 4.    Here is another possibility: crystals can be cleaned by using essential oils. Soak them in a container filled with distilled water in which a few drops of essential oil have been added. The juniper essential oil is especially suitable due to its capability of releasing the crystals from the accumulated negative energies. For cleaning stones used in emotional healing, lavender oil is the best choice, since it has soothing and balancing features. I personally love lavender, I remember once I received some crystals and as non smoker myself, I inmediately felt the smell of smoke all over the box they came in, and the crystals itself! Well, not only I never purchased crystals from this vendor, but it was a must for me to remove this horrible smell. I placed them in a container filled with purified water, Himalayan grinded salt and a few drops of pure lavander oil. I left them there for 24 hours and it completely removed the smell plus I can tell you they really appreciated this I did for them. Crystals don't like smoke either;-) 5.    One of the means of cleaning crystals is to bury them in the earth. This method should not be used when there is iron present in the composition of the crystal as a dominant element, e.g., hematite and tiger iron. Especially unrefined energies can be taken out of the crystal in this way. It can be a sort of a rebirth for the particular crystal to be put back in the embrace of the earth - the environment which it has been taken from originally.

6.  And finally, I will share with you my absolute favorite way of cleaning my crystals, ALL OF THEM! And that is by placing them on Selenite. if you have read the full description of Selenite on our Crystal Description Page, you will know by now that Selenite not only doesn't need to be cleaned EVER, plus Selenite absorvs negative energy. Furthermore, it purifies your crystals and recharges them! To make things even better yet, as you know by reading above other methods, can take hours even days to clean your crystals. NOT with Selenite! you can simply place your crystals for about 10 minutes on top of a piece of Selenite and you are done! I personally, sleep every night with Amethyst and my Love-ME-More crystals healing pouch. When I wake up, I place them on top of my selenite slab for the entire day, once it's time for me to go bed, I place them under my pillow again. Same way, during the night I place the crystals I wear and use during the day, to be cleansed and recharged during t