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Humans Needs To Rise Up and Evolve. Be Driven by Love and Light and Stop Wars!

Humanity is here to evolve in this beautiful planet, we call home. I have recently read an article by a retired government official, talking about aliens and the amount of existing evidence there is, that the government is keeping away from us.

He mentions how many people believe that other intergalactic species (called aliens or ET's) are here for as long as humanity exist. Many believe they are the ones who actually created us. I have much to say about this but will leave that for another time.

There are theories suggesting that Aliens are here to protect the Earth and human kind. This government official to the contrary, says that they are here to actually protect the galaxy, other planets and it's inhabitants FROM US!

Since human kind is such a destructive specie! And you know what? I can believe that and see the reasoning behind.

I want to believe in human kindness and the good in people. People that radiates and embrace love and light. Yet, the world is governed and ruled by egocentric maniacs thirsty for power and driven by greed! They create wars because of their own personal agendas and for financial gain, not caring about "casualties" and the loss of lives!

What happened yesterday in syria is a catastrophic example of that. Civilians many many children among them suffering unimaginable destruction, pain and death! And the rest of the world watch, yet nothing gets done to help those in need.

Do I believe there is life outside this planet called Earth? Without a doubt! Do I believe they are looking at us thinking what a destructive specie we are? I mean.... just look at us and what's going on here on Earth!

Today as everyday I will follow the light and be guided by love. Yet I acknowledge darkness because it does exist and will speak about it, because it is time for human kind to wake up, evolve, and rise up!

Sending love energy to anyone who need it and out there into the world and the entire galaxy!

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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