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Living in a Spring State of Mind

I once told myself that I wanted to live in a permanent “Spring” State of Mind.

So I left New York, the cold dark winters, all the negativity & darkness surrounded me back then, and moved to Miami Beach. That was the best decision ever. Beautiful beaches with blue turquoise waters, tropical plants and weather all year round. I can look around and feel like Spring is an everlasting blessing, I get to live daily.

You remember the feeling of spring right? After a long cold dark winter, a world of light, of color, gorgeous flowers and beauty sprouting all around us. Spring time makes the mind and soul happy. Doesn’t it?

But our minds can go to dark places at times, it’s part of being human. Every time my mind starts wandering around leaving the Comfort of the Spring fields, to encounter the winter blues, I always remind myself that the way to get back to a peaceful and healthy state of mind, is to seek the things that will take my mind back to my “Spring state of mind.”

These magical things are like breadcrumbs to me and if I put them together, they create a path to be reminded of how we can choose to create beautiful things that will make us feel good, and follow that path to lead us back home.

I have been wandering lately aware of the healing path I’m in, but eager to go back to my Spring state of mind.

This weekend following the breadcrumbs, they took me back to the creative path I have felt disconnected with for awhile.

This necklace to me symbolizes Spring energy and just by looking at it, it brings me back to that beautiful state of mind, I love to feel.

I hope you like it too. My sweet NIO 😻 is always there when mom is working with Crystals, as you can see:)

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Take I hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking at this necklace, reminded you of the beauty of Spring and how wonderful it makes us feel.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya

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