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Malachite Precaution and Dangers Everyone Should Know

Today I want to address something and offer some words of advice. I see this picture going around on the internet via social media (FB and IG) and people be like... OMG I want this, I want this!!! Malachite is amazing, not only for it's beauty but for it's metaphysical properties. HOWEVER, Malachite releases toxic fumes when it gets moist, so the bathroom is the worst place to have it.

Having a malachite bathroom as in the picture? Even worst idea yet. 

Malachite is also another mineral that should NEVER be used to make Crystal elixirs or Crystal water to be ingested. 

Great care must be exercised in working with Malachite, as it's poisonous in its raw state. I know many will say, "well in this bathroom it is polished, so it should be ok" and the answer is NO it is NOT for the reasons explained above.

Malachite is super safe to be used in many ways, with the exception of the two mentioned above. So please do your own research when using or working with crystals. I also posted years ago in an article on my website about this called, "Crystal precautions, a list of potentially toxic minerals"

This by all means is not intended to scare you about the crystals that you and I love so much!! but to educate you and provide some helpful information for you to know. Some minerals contains poisonous elements, such as copper, lead, zinc and arsenic. Which can be a problem if you plan using your crystals to create gem elixirs.

These are things everyone working with crystals should know, and this is the reason why I wanted to share.

Hope this information helps, and may you all have an amazing day ahead.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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