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Ocean Water Crystal Mist Formula

I received the inspirational messages to create Ocean Water Crystal Mist while I was in Hawaii on a spiritual retreat. The energy of the ocean is cleansing, purifying, recharging, healing and oh so loving! The beneficial qualities of seawater, have been known to mankind for centuries, and have been noted as having a great healing effect.

Crystals have many metaphysical properties, and healing benefits. They bring the gifts of emotional and physical healing, protection, spiritual guidance, positive energy, and enlightenment, among many others.

I have always had this incredible connection with Yemaya, the Goddess of the ocean, which is why I live on the beach. On that trip to Hawaii, I took some of my crystals with me. One day during a workshop with an elder healer from the island, she taught us about real Hawaiian spirituality from her ancestor's traditions. She shared with us the incredible healing benefits of the ocean water, and encouraged us to take some in bottles with us back home, and spray ourselves with it everyday. That same day I had a vision during a meditation and in that vision, crystals came to me and gave me the message to create an ocean water crystal mist. They gave me five different formulas and the crystals I should combine to make them, to bring the powerful healing properties of the ocean water and crystals together. That is how this Ocean Water Crystal Mist came to be. Additionally, they gave me very clear instructions on how to make it and to ONLY use and collect ocean water, once a month during the full moon, making the energy and healing properties of this Ocean Water Crystal Mist even more powerful.

All I can say is that this is a very intentional and powerful crystal formula, fully infused with the healing powers of the ocean water and the mother moon. I welcome you to read more detailed info on my website, and to try it! In Light, Love and Healing Ana Satya

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