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Pink Amethyst exist? But all Amethyst is purple right? The answer will surprise you!

Amethyst is one of those beautiful crystals that is very easy to identify, because of it's purple color. But Amethyst comes in other colors as well such as in the case of pink Amethyst. 

You may had hear as well about green Amethyst but it is not real, it is fake. Prasiolite is a very rare crystal within the family of green Quartz crystals and it is completely natural.

However the majority of Prasiolite found in the market today is lab synthesized Amethyst whose color has been turned green artificially, natural Amethyst can be heated or irradiated as well to turn it green, and it is known as green Amethyst but it is not real. 

In this video that I recorded not only you will learn about and see Pink Amethyst, you will learn about Green Amethyst as well and some other information I hope you will find quite interesting.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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