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Selenite Jewelry & The White Divine Light

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Feeling very inspired lately by the White Divine Light, so Selenite Crystals are calling me big time. Working on a new Selenite Jewelry Collection, because we all need more Selenite and White Celestial Light in our bodies and lives.

Taking pictures of some of the new Selenite bracelets I made today. On a very cloudy day a rainbow 🌈 managed to appear and I captured it! 🤗 You know how passionate I'm for beautiful Rainbows;-)

Selenite without a doubt is one of my all time favorite Crystals but there is not a large variety of Gemstone Jewelry created using Selenite, solely I'm inspired to create new pieces of Jewelry using as the main Crystal Selenite.

Selenite is Jewelry is definitely one of the best way to "feel" and experience the benefits of the incredible Selenite Crystals, which carry within them the White Divine Light, reason why they are so incredible uplifting and protect give as well. Selenite cleanses you at the auretic and Spiritual levels and it helps you to transmute and transform negative energy into positive.

Selenite in Jewelry with it's shinny perly white looks stunning and it can be worn with casual clothing or for a night at the Ballet, since it's super classy. Well at least I think so myself. I consider Selenite to be so beautiful, so classy and elegant. I really love Selenite Jewelry and today I'm going to share a secret about Selenite, so you can properly take care of your Selenite jewelry.

Selenite is not a Crystal that requires cleansing because it would absorb negative energy, to the contrary it transforms negative into positive. However Selenite is sensitive to light, specially Sunlight, reason why it is NOT recommended to wear Selenite for extended periods of time under direct sunlight.

Myself for example, as mentioned I love Selenite Jewelry but living in Miami were the sun shines bright pretty much every day year round, I try not to wear Selenite during the pick ours of the day or to go to the beach. Instead I wear it at home because it makes me feel really good or if I'm going to go out, I choose my Selenite Jewelry for the evening/night. And yes, you may see me on my videos or pictures wearing selenite during the day, but again, a little daylight won't damage your Selenite but continued exposure to direct sunlight, can eat up the shine of your selenite and it will become dull and "lacking" that bright sparkly white light.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for upcoming NEW Selenite Jewelry Design Pieces. Added a couple new designs to the store today, take a look and if you would like to see specific combination of crystals and Stones to be used with Selenite, make sure to leave your comment or hit reply to directly reach out to me. Your suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.

In Light, Love and Healing

Ana Satya

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